5 Anime You Should Definitely Watch This Summer 2020!

While we’ve all been looking forward to the summer anime season, there’s also been an air of apprehension around it. Many highly anticipated shows are delayed until later within the year because of the continuing pandemic, leaving a rather sparse summer line up. But simply because there are slim pickings, doesn’t suggest all is lost. Today, we’re watching our favorite summer anime premieres, let’s examine what the subsequent few months have future for us!


In a post-apocalyptic world, a large moving fortress called Deca-Dence protects the last remnants of humanity from monsters called Gadolls. Inside, a lady called Natsume desperately wishes to hitch humanity’s fight against the Gadolls. But, as she works towards her dreams, she learns much more about the planet and society she inhabits than she bargained for. While post-apocalyptic anime is a dime a dozen, with Yuzuru Tachikawa known for Mob Psycho and Death Parade at the helm. It had been impossible to not give this series an attempt. and also the first episode certainly failed to disappoint. Within the short frame of twenty about minutes, the episode has cemented itself because the one to observe this season. Stunning animation, solid characters, and also the boundless intrigue of the planet both inside and out of doors of the moving fortress has us desperate for the subsequent episode. Also, we just need more screen time of Pipe – how adorable is that small monster!?

Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Season 2

It’s been 4 years since season one amongst Re: Zero ended, and it’s no exaggeration once we say that its popularity seems to only have grown each passing year. We’re pretty sure Rem figurine collectors must have a minimum of an area filled with her by now. Yet, starting season two, it sounds like no time has passed since we last left our characters. As we’re effortlessly sucked back to the planet of Re: Zero, we’re quickly reminded of everything we love about Re: Zero – the character dynamics, awesome action scenes. And the emotional roller coaster. But this episode is not only a reintroduction to the same-old, it clearly sets out the stakes at play and divulges tantalizing new story threads. So, call us gluttons for punishment because we won’t wait to work out what this series has future for us!

Fire Force Season 2

Few shows are as visually dynamic as Fire Force, and therefore the season 2 premiere makes sure we all know what a star this series is. David Production truly pulled out all the stops animating this episode’s battle scene. Background designs, dynamic animations, and striking colors – the episode is actually gorgeous. But verity highlight was seeing each character back in action. Everyone had an opportunity to showcase exactly what they are doing best, reminding you why they’re your favorites! But the episode isn’t all battle, there are gag moments sprinkled throughout which just remind you the way loveable and goofy the cast is! Overall, the premiere episode could be a wild ride. If that’s just the primary episode, the bar for Fire Force has been set ridiculously high. Let’s hope it doesn’t fizzle out!

Japan Sinks: 2020

So not 100% technically a seasonal airing anime, but we couldn’t resist adding this to the list! Japan Sinks: 2020, supported a completely unique of the identical name, is an ONA, original net animation, released worldwide by Netflix. While you’ll binge-watch all ten episodes straight away, let’s specialize in episode one. We’re introduced to the four members of the Mutoh family when an earthquake hits Japan. During the widespread devastation, the family tries to reunite and survive together. The daughter’s voice-overs, describing her way of life as she runs through the destruction of that very life, is heartbreaking. There’s not a second where the tense pacing lets up, as we delve deeper and deeper into the grim new reality they need to face. Directors Pyeon-Gang Ho and Masaaki Yuasa pull absolutely no punches during this premiere, and we’re keen to determine what they need future for the Mutoh family. Also, like 2020… are you able to just stop. Chill. Please.

The God of High School

the god of high school

In modern-day South Korea, high school students compete in an exceedingly nationwide martial arts competition to possess any wish they need to be granted. It is a simple premise, and it matches the rather basic opening episode. The episode does the task fixing and introducing the characters, but there’s nothing really innovative about it. We were either grinning or laughing during the twenty-minute episode. The series is additionally animated by MAPPA who have all over again done a surprising job on the visuals. The God of High School is the second collaboration between Crunchyroll Originals and Webtoon. Their previous work, Tower of God, premiered within the spring anime season. So, first impressions – while the series won’t be groundbreaking it’s visiting be really fun to look at. Definitely worth a take a look at for anyone up who enjoys that classic match-up between comedy and action.

From first impressions of the summer season line up, it’s clear that there’ll be something for everyone to enjoy. Sequels are looking to dominate this season, but don’t discount the initial and adaptations that are airing – you’ll just find a replacement favorite. And remember, this is often just first impressions, who knows how the anime season will get on in a very few months! For now, all we can do is keep tuning in weekly.

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