A behind the scenes look at the Uzumaki production

Junji Ito is regarded as the father of horror in Japan. His horror mangas sends chills down the readers spine by just. Junji Ito was able to accomplish so much by just using a simple page turn technique. And now he’s vision is coming to life!

Uzumaki is an original story by junji ito. And it is being produced by (toonami) https://www.adultswim.com/videos/uzumaki. Why you may wonder? Junji itos creation have already received an anime adaptation. But the quality of the anime was so bad that fans don’t even mention it.

A page from the uzuzmaki manga!

So when toonami announced they would be directing the Uzumaki story line fans were partly confused and partly happy. The trailer dropped and everyone knew it was going to be epic. Watch the trailer here https://youtu.be/NxY8Jb7Zc6w.

Recently the twitter handle for uzumaki posted some behind the scenes voice recordings. Fans are excited for this one. The series will be a 4 episode long mini series.

The Uzumaki anime is based around a town of people who for some reason start getting obsessed with spirals! In fact the obsession goes so far that people start spiraling up!

And junji itos disturbing (in a good way) illustrations make the impact. Most of Junji it’s stories focus around the human emotions and how humans are greedy. The series is definitely worth your time

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