A Black Clover movie after the anime ends? (February 2021)

Black Clover’s weekly run is coming to an end some are even going as far as to say Black Clover is getting canceled. Black Clover will end on episode 170, it is confirmed the news. But there seems to be a Black Clover movie that will be announced after episode 170!

As you’ll know, Black Clover is an ongoing anime that airs weekly. It isn’t a seasonal anime but a weekly one. It has a massive fan following and fans tune in every week. Since it started airing in the fall of 2017 no one expected it to become such a big name, but here we are in 2021 still talking about it.

The manga is far from over and the anime hasn’t adapted the entirety of the manga yet. Then why is the show ending? But we know one thing that there will be a major announcement after the last episode airs

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Black Clover Movie ?

A black clover movie has been rumored for more than a month now. It only makes sense as much of the manga is still left to be adapted. And the show could have gone on for a long time. Black lover is an anime that has a big fan following and many can’t believe that this show might be ending next month.

But it only financially makes sense to continue the series, and the fans know that too. The studio might want to switch its routine to something better. A movie seems a step in the right direction. And many credible industry leakers have been teasing a black clover movie. Then again, these are just rumors and nothing official.

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Black Clover becomes a seasonal show

Since Black Clover has been airing weekly, the animation quality of the show isn’t the greatest. Especially when there are no fight scenes. So making the show seasonally makes sense. The animation quality will increase drastically.

And seeing how much more content is available, we totally might see black clover turning into a seasonal anime.

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Black Clover will end next month, and we’ll get all the news that we want. Till then we can only speculate what the big announcement will be. It might be a movie or it might be black clover becoming a seasonal show.

Black Clover twitter rumors

The controversy about black cover ending started when popular and mostly credible Twitter account @spytrue tweeted this. It says that Black Clover will be ending after episode 170 gets aired! You can read the tweet here. Spy true is a legitimate leaker who knows ins and outs of the industry.

He is right almost every time and hence fans are taking this seriously. The situation started getting some traction online on Twitter and fans were really upset about it. But even if spytrue is a good leader, he isn’t the official spoke person. So nothing’s confirmed till they officially have announced it. Till then all we can do is wait, or is there something else hiding behind the scenes?

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