Are we getting a Sequel ? A Silent Voice 2? Everything you need to know

A Silent Voice 2 . This Legendary movie showed us exactly what despair and suffering is and how someone could appear normal on the surface however be completely busted up on the interior. If you didn’t get emotional watching this anime, then i dont know what could make you cry ? maybe grave of the fireflies ?

Anyway, the character development in this movie has different levels and takes the audiences on a travel. It definitely shows us our past can’t be forgotten yet cautioned, but we are able to accept it and learn from this. It Impresses me every time I watch it.

Fans all over the world are ready to know exactly about A Silent Voice 2 Film, Will There Be be a Silent Voice Sequel? But do not worry. We have you covered at otakuarena. Be sure you learn this informative short article till the end to learn about the prospect of a sequel to An Silent Voice.

A Silent Voice Nishimiya with the note saying I cant hear

A Silent Movie 2

Things took a turn to the greater After Shoyo jeopardized his entire life to save Nishimiya. We saw a whole shift in the their personalities, and also the will to live would be re-ignited inside them. This was amazing to see, considering that which the both of these had to experience their lifetime. It turned out to be a debilitating start for each of these, notably for Nishimiya. Nevertheless, they fought them all and gave up as a result of excruciating pain until they heard regarding reality by the accident .

The Goosebumps moment the turning point within the whole movie that generated a strong effect on both character’s own lives and the audiences was when she wrote on the paper (聞こえない) “I cant hear “.

Still another strong teaching instructed within this movie would be, that the value of friendship. It shows each of the benefits of having friends surrounding you and also the Disadvantages of friends who encourage wrong doings. At the long run of these fans are waiting to release A Silent Voice 2 .

A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi)

Will There be A Silent Voice Sequel?

A quiet voice Finished on an extremely great note. Depending on the present information we now have, there might well not be a sequel to A silent voice . Regrettably, the founder — Yoshitoki Ōima, had left a total of seven volumes within his first manga series. Most which are adapted to produce the movie . Now, there’s not any origin to carry on the narrative from a sequel.

The narrative actually had reached its ending from this movie. Fans know of that fact but might love to observe the way the maturity would stand out. They have been willing to understand if Nishimiya and Shoyo actually become married later on. There are boundless possibilities, where as the movie needed just addressed their existing circumstance. However, it’s safe to mention Yoshitoki Ōima gave us enthusiast support just like never before.

Well, that is all for now on A Silent Voice 2 Movie , Will there be A Silent Voice Sequel? I understand this is somewhat gloomy, however it has to come to a finish like most of great stuff. Regrettably, there wont be a “A Silent Voice 2”. which also kinda make sense because who knows it might not turn out good !

so I am happy that there wont be one and also happy with the fact that I am happy about it XDD.

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