Attack On Titan becomes the best anime of all time! (MAL)

Attack on Titan has finally surpassed the likes of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Attack on titan now is the number 1 anime on the My Anime List rankings. It’s an extraordinary feat, and very few anime rarely have claimed this spot.

The My Anime List rankings are taken very seriously amongst the anime community. Full Metal Alchemist was sitting on this spot for a long time now. The number 1 animes have a large fan following and are also rated very highly by critics.

Very rarely we see such events happening, this history in the making.

Attack On Titan now the number 1 anime in the world

Attack On Titan season 4 started airing in December last year, and since then, every episode has been tremendously successful.

Almost every episode has a rating of more than 9. There are even 2 episodes that scored a perfect score of 10. This is insane, big series such as GOT and Breaking Bad struggle to even score a 9. And the attack on titan has made the whole entertainment industry kneel, and witness its glory.

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Season 4 started airing in December last year. The first episode was trending all over the world, due to its totally new cast. In the first 3 episodes, we didn’t even know what was going on. We were getting a glimpse of the world from the perspective of Marley.

The Marley empire was at war with the middle east countries. But the power of titans doesn’t stand a chance against heavy artillery. The Marley Warriors should regain the founding if they want to remain the sole superpower.

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Attack On Titan a modern epic

Hajime Isayam is probably the king of manga and anime in Japan by now. The story is so intriguing, it has managed to capture fans outside the anime genre. Even people who never watched anime started watching the attack on a titan like crazy.

The background score and the openings are truly the definitions of epic! Season 1 had such a horrifying background track, anyone would get chills. The story has been progressing at such a nice pace. The show hits every single point with precision.

There isn’t a single flaw about the show. The final episode will truly break the internet, it will be an end that will be worth waiting for.

The finale will decide if the attack on titan was an epic or just another shonen. Game of Thrones went straight downhill after season 7. Infact the ending was so rubbish, not even a single GOT fan is rewatching the show.

But attack on titan has been laying the foundation stones for 9+ years, and Isayama knows how he will be ending the story. And from what we know by now, Isayama is a freaking God in telling a story. We can trust his capabilities.

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