Attack on Titan: What YOU Need to Know Before Season 4!

Attack On Titan could be a popular anime series that gained massive popularity ever since its first season got released. The extensive viewership and publicity led the manufacturers of the show to proceed with season 2 and season 3. Which became equally popular among its audiences and received great positive reviews. Now, the producers of series are prepared to launch its fourth season. It surprises its audience with an exciting storyline.

‘Attack on Titan’ relies on the manga series by Hajime Isayama of the identical name. The Japanese anime series revolves around the dark fantasy post-apocalyptic world and has an action-packed theme. Wit Studio and MAPPA are managing the assembly of the show. The anime series became immensely popular and even attracted even those audiences with no prior inclination towards anime shows. With a desirable narrative, intriguing characters, and brilliant visual appeal, the show did not let the thrill of their fans, especially adolescents, quiver even a touch.

The recently concluded season 3 also gained an enormous critical reception and didn’t fail to match its earlier standards. However, the producers of the show made an announcement that this may be the last season of the anime series. It also, the viewers will see the stories of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin’s coming to a closure. The small gap between the release of season 3 and will began in line with the delayed season 4. Although season 3 was split into two chunks when it got released.


The prior season saw the narrative progressing towards the ultimate arc of the ‘Hajime Isayama comic series’. However, the duration or run time can not be gauged certainly. Since many times manga arcs take several years to span. The producers and therefore the producers of the show expressed their desire that they’re no mood for adhering to a rush style finish as happened with the ‘Game Of Thrones’. The climax of season 3 saw the Attack on Titan finally revealing Eren’s fabled basement, cracking open the reality of the planet, the Titans, and therefore the unknown history.

Season four would, however, not continue precisely with the purpose where it left. Instead, it might herald a replacement crop of characters that exist outside the walls within the enemy land of Marley. These new characters will merge with the older cast. The storyline will proceed with the events leading towards a climactic showdown between the Endians inside the walls and people who have kept them captive for over 100 years. Besides that, the unseen Titan-Shifter will get introduced within the final season. The producers also assured the viewers that moral lines now are blurrier than ever before. There would even be more skips now between the Survey Corps.’ victory and Eren reaching the ocean.

The shows will air on NHK General TV network in Japan. For the viewers residing in other territories, the subtitled episodes are available on Crunchyroll shortly after their original airing.

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