Avatar The Last Air bender NEW Series and multiple movies announced!

Avatar The Last Air bender is one of the best-animated shows ever created. The show ended a long time ago and since then no new material came out, but that’s about to change. We will be getting not only a new animated series but movies too, and when I say movies I mean movies, PLURAL! Avatar The Last Air bender NEW Series and multiple movies are a thing now

Fans are going insane over this news. Many rumors and leaks, had already hyped up the fanbase but the news about multiple projects just blew everyone’s expectations away. Avatar The Last Air bender is close to many people’s hearts and this will be the beginning of a new journey of sorts!

Avatar The Last Air bender NEW Series on Paramount Plus

Paramount + is a new streaming service that will be releasing shortly. As there is already a surplus of streaming services in many countries, it’s hard to stand out. Nickelodeon the channel which owns the rights for Avatar The Last Air Bender is a Paramount property and hence they will be bringing it to the streaming platform.

They are really serious about this, announcing multiple projects related and un-related t avatar. But our main focus will be on Avatar The Last Air Bender.

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Avatar The Last Air bender NEW Series

Avatar The Last Air bender will have a separate, dedicated animation studio known as Avatar Studios. We will be getting the main series show, following a new character. The character is unknown as of yet and nothing been revealed yet. How do we know it won’t be a spin-off show. Well, they separately added another column stating multiple spin-offs have been planned.

There are multiple movies too. This is great news as we will keep getting Avatar content for a long time now.

What happens with Netflix?

As all of you may know, Netflix is working on an Avatar The Last Air bender live-action movie. Hence they don’t have the right to do an animated series.

The live-action movie has already faced much criticism from fans. The death note live-action movie, to say the least, was a pile of garbage. It was as if the directors and producers wanted to make the worst movie of all time.

Similar events may transpire with the Avatar Movie.

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