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Black bullet season 2 release date: plot, characters, production, and more


Black Bullet is a Japanese anime that aired in mid-2014 for only 3 months. It has 13 episodes and the story moves at a brisk pace. Though the season only ran for 3 months it managed to capture the attention of many weebs. The series grew in popularity and fans were eagerly waiting for Black Bullet season 2, but it never came.

Kinema citrus and orange the studios responsible for the first season never gave an official announcement regarding season 2 until 2020, 6 years later!

1) Synopsis of season 1

The show follows the story of humanity who are trying to survive the highly infectious and deadly “Gastrea” virus which turns humans into monsters!

Due to this humankind is forced to live behind Monolith walls that are made from Varanium a fictional material that can hurt the Gastrea infected humans. So to counter the gastrea Cursed Children are used, they are Female children who contain traces of the virus. This gives them superhuman capabilities.

The show is pretty entertaining and a must watch especially for attack on titan fans.

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2) Season 2 release date ?

Since 2014 fans have been eagerly waiting for season 2. And their wishes were finally granted when the second season was confirmed last year. Black Bullet Season 2 was slated to release in June-July of 2020, but the unexpected pandemic hit the world. Japan was hit hard and all the animes were delayed.

Now since the delay, there has been no announcement as of yet, but we know that it is being worked on right now. The studio has confirmed Black Bullet Season 2 and we will get it this year!

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3) Season 2 release date predictions!

So we know that season 2 is going to be airing in 2021 for sure. But when that is the main question, well we tried to guess to the best of our capabilities. The show may air in May or June this year. Seeing the COVID-19 condition in Japan it’s even optimistic to think that the show will air in June. Although the world is recovering, Jpan has seen a sudden spike in cases again, also a new strain of the virus is on the loose in Japan.

If the country goes into lockdown again the season 2 of Black Bullet might be delayed further.!

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4) Black Bullet novel and what makes them great

Black bullet is an Action, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Seinen series. Its first season adapted the first four novels and there still is a lot of source material remaining for a second season and a possible season 3!

The writer of the novel went on a hiatus after the anime for black bullet started airing. Although the story is based on a virus that turns humans into monsters, which may seem pretty generic to many viewers. The story moves at a brisk pace, giving us hints and information about the world.

The characters are well written and well thought. Nothing in the world seems out of place and the world-building is decent.

5) Expected Storylines for season 2

An old friend of Rentaro who he knew since he was a child appears out of nowhere. The protagonist is imprisoned for false murder. He is planning on escaping but his enemies will keep getting in his way. We won’t spoil much the show is pretty damn good and we can’t wait for season 2!

The pandemic delayed many shows and Black Bullet isn’t any exception. This anime season has been bland and generic and no good quality anime released. 2021 looks awesome already with Attack on titan final season breaking the internet every week.

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Table of contents
1) Synopsis of season 1
2) Season 2 release date ?
3) Season 2 release date predictions!
4) Black Bullet novel and what makes them great
5) Expected Storylines for season 2



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