Black Clover Episode 133 Release Date Officially Announced [it’s coming back]

Yep you heard it right Black clover episode 133 release date has been announced and its coming back.

we all are in this pandemic together. well with waves of bad News coming in todays date. we should look on the positive sides and the shows must go on.

well its been more than 5 months and Corona-chan took quite a toll on us. Corona is the only thing that effected the weebs who watch anime all day. well i heard that nothing can affect the weebs. But unfortunately airing of anime episodes can and all this happened because of corona chan.

Well the for the new Black clover Episode 133 you will have to wait coz it is going to release after a month. and also One Piece Episode 930 Release date has also been revealed. and if you need to watch anime while if you wait for Black Clover here you go :

Black Clover Episode 133 Release date

Black clover Episode 133 will start airing the episodes on 7th of July. Its really great to hear that One Piece is also coming back and Black Clover too. but there are also news of other anime’s getting delayed.

Whereas i think this is the best time to release Anime. With people being locked in their homes, even the busiest of the people will find some time out of their lives to watch some Anime they had on their watch list way long ago.

Meanwhile Those who dont know What Black clover is an anime which is being compared to Naruto and i mean its going pretty good. its a world of magic and stuff. give it a try if you haven’t watched it.

and if you don’t want to here are some anime recommendations:

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