Black Clover Shows Asta’s New Type of Anti-Magic Fighting

The newest arc of Black Clover has tested the boundaries of Asta’s strength against Dante of the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad. As Asta breaks through those limits the most recent chapter of the series teased a brand new kind of Anti-Magic fighting for the young Wizard King. Because the fight against Dante grew, even more, treacherous Asta ended up agreeing. It was a brand new pact with the Devil within him to access way more power than ever before. While this resulted in the immediate visual upgrade to his Devil transformation, it also made his anti-magic abilities stronger.

Black Clover: Asta vs Dante

As Asta fights against Dante with this new form and uses both of his swords. Yami surprisingly lends Asta his katana to deal with the ultimate blow. But what’s even more surprising than Yami trusting in Asta enough to land that final attack. The fact that Asta may need to unlock a new use for his Anti-Magic. Even as he’s able to transfer his power into his swords. This moment teases that he’ll be able to do this with just about anything he wants.

With Asta now getting more of the Devil’s power for 50 seconds at a time (at least for now), Asta instinctively uses his Devil power during a completely different weapon than he had been using before. Some questions also must be answered with this, however. This may be limited to Yami’s sword due to Yami’s ties to Dark Magic. There’s yet to be a full explanation on whether or not Dark Magic has ties to the Devils, but Yami was one amongst the persons of interest the Dark Triad must open the gates of the underworld.

Black Clover Asta New Anti-Magic Fighting Magic Spoilers

If Yami’s Dark Magic indeed made his weapon perfect for Asta’s use, then it really was just a lucky break for the 2 of them. Another question is whether or not or not Asta will keep this sword considering how damaged it had been by the Anti-Magic after he channeled power into it. Another big question is simply what proportion he can use this new level of power when channeling it. Will Asta be able to use any weapon he wishes?

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