Black Widow 2020 Movie Release date and Trailer

Black Widow 2020

Black widow Movie Trailer Was Released today an hour ago and the Release date for the movie has been Revealed.

i know that is a very long time to wait for but i wish that it might be worth to wait for that long

and this is the first movie after the Avengers and we will be getting a rough idea that where the MCU is going and starting with Black Widow is kinda exciting

and David Harbour is excited as hell and got a bigger Screen after Stranger Things

Black Widow movie Release date is may 1 2020.

if you havent watched the Trailer the link is below :

the trailer starts with Black Widow Fighting with her Sister and a after that a Family Reunion etc etc

The good thing is that almost every Avenger has a back story or their Story is shown in seperate Films.

So,now where we are getting a Black Widow Movie we get to know the Story how the family fell apart and all things got messed up

whereas in the trailer they didnt show more of David Harbour which i think will be a very Interesting character in it
plus we get to see an alternate side of black widow which is unknown to the world.

So yeah this is pretty much it be updated with us and click allow on the Notifications bell

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