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We begin the commentary of a new series. This is Bofuri‘s turn “I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense”. The title already says it all. This is a studio Silver Link production directed by Shin Onuma and based on the novel created by Yuumikan. Both are closely linked to the destiny of the animation studio and have directed most of the works together.

The series was born from a novel published by Fujimi Shobo. Japanese publisher I had already told you about, specializing in the novel and card games. It tells the adventures of Kaede Honjou, a girl struggling with an online fantasy MMO that uses virtual reality. Given its scarce physical strength and lack of experience with video games. The young woman decides to spend all his skill points in an attempt to create an absolute defense. Basically, it is a Tank Tauren max level, fully equipped, ready to rip?


There we find in Kaede’s room. The girl is on the phone with her best friend. She convinced her to start a new and fantastic game with her. True friends, the ones who push you to throw your life away. And start playing games you already know you’ll never get out of again.

The game is called NewWorld Online. Bomb, the acronym is NWO, Kaede Illuminati confirmed. At the first start, you are asked to enter the nickname to use in the game and the choice falls on Maple. Maple means Maple, which is the translation of Kaede in Japanese. A bit as if someone whose surname is Rossi and online is called Red.

As soon as we enter the game we make the acquaintance of Frederica and Drag to see them like this they seemed important characters. Maybe we will see them again in the future. Thanks to them Maple heads to the nearby wood to start the experience of EXP.

Absolute Defense!

The first monster is an apple bunny. In Japan, it is customary to cut the skin of the apple so that the final part protrudes and recalls the shape of a rabbit’s ears. After an hour of total immobility that is serious? Stop an hour at a point? The girl unlocks the “absolute defense” skill which doubles her defense points but makes it harder to level the other stats.

From here is a cascade of skills obtained by pure chance. With the second monster, Maple gets a ring that recovers life. The ability “Giant Killing” which allows you to double the statistics as long as you have at least 4 of a lower level than the opponent. As Kaede keeps throwing points after points on defense, this translates into a quadruple increase in defense. It has already become immortal, maybe it was so fast in real MMOs. In addition to this, we have the “meditation” ability that also allows you to recover life points every few seconds. The “Taunt” ability that allows you to attract enemy attacks.

The next day we meet Chrom, a member of the Great Shield class like Maple and Iz the blacksmith.
Here our protagonist becomes aware of the existence of the ‘Labyrinth of the Hydra’. A dungeon inside which it is possible to find different treasures but all well guarded by a mob of fearsome monsters.

Is this a problem for Kaede? I missed. The girl is now more pumped up than Stallone and Schwarzenegger fused together, nothing can scratch her. Just the final boss creates some problems thanks to his poisonous attacks.


Maple stays still and heals itself indefinitely until immunity develops. Once the battle has been won, other power-ups including a set of unique pieces of equipment that is broken, repair themselves and become stronger, and ability called “Hydra Eater” that allows you to use poison element spells and promotion to level 18. Apparently Chrom is one of the strongest players in NewWorld Online and together with the others he has already decided that Kaede is too pure and must be protected from any danger.


The series is nice if you have ever played any MMO or RPG. The skills are more or less the same as in a real game, of course, but to be the beginning they went straight to the point, not even knowing the game by heart could you make such an optimized build. In less than 10 minutes the girl has unlocked the worst abilities and in one way a dumber than the other. What does it mean that you fall asleep so randomly for 3 hours in VR game, is it narcoleptic?

Anyway, we know how the souls of now work, everything and immediately otherwise the public gets tired, unfortunately, nothing to do so we accept the thing and move on. Even if FUCK and what is it? The girl is a fucking videogame genius, it’s almost ridiculous in some places. Everything he does unlocks a relieving ability, the next installment that happens, he raises a stone that turns out to be the legendary lost stone of Avalon’s mystical treasure and in so doing unlocks the final level? No, but really, it’s nice as a series, sometimes the trash is there, I hope not.

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