Bofuri: Why you should watch this epic anime! EP2 Breakdown

Thanks to Studio Silver Link we return to the world of Bofuri. Created as an adaptation of the original novel written by Yuumikan. Soon in the NewWorld Online universe, a Battle Royale will be held. In which Maple intends to participate to take home some interesting items as a reward. His first opponent is the Knight of the White Rose, Christmas Rose. This character smells like a delayed donut being killed in 3 seconds even though he poses as a master warrior.

And here, the guy explodes on his own after hitting Maple’s shield. After he comes to the genes of the condominium, the swerving gang, the trio of wonders, The Ardenti Brothers. These are defeated even faster. Just a Paralyze Shoot plus a simple touch of the shield to send the players home. Are the retards over for today or should I expect more such phenomena?

Each defeated player makes a bright purple square gem appear on the shield of our protagonist. Given its disproportionate strength, it doesn’t take long before the shield is completely studded with diamonds that attest to its prowess in battle. The number of enemies fallen in front of its impenetrable build. I did not understand why a certain girl starts drawing the Nazca hummingbird on the ground.

Risa a.k.a. Sally enters!

Our tank manages to finish the event in the third position. Although until now the girl has always been alone to play. It is finally time for her to join her friend Risa who decides to use the nickname ‘Sally’. Her intent is to specialize in the role of an elusive tank. Unlike Maple who takes damage but lowers it to zero thanks to her defense values. Sally aims to completely dodge the hits that are directed at her.
in doing so both will always be able to get out of any situation without ever suffering damage.

The newly formed team decides to walk towards the underground dungeon which is located south of the village. Their aim is to collect as many white scales as possible from the monsters that inhabit the area. This is because since Maple’s shield ‘Late Night Reflection’ absorbs attacks before they even hit her mistress. She cannot learn and improve those skills and resistances that require taking hits as a requirement. So one must forge a new one. Thanks to its agility value, getting to the dungeon is a joke for Risa. She practically became a human mount.

Inside the Cave

Inside the cave, the two begin the work and after a few hours, the silvery flakes begin to accumulate.
That’s not enough, Sally’s desire for adventure drives her to improve her swimming skills more and more. This allows her to locate the entrance to a secret portion of the cave. Between tunnels and dead ends, waiting for the young woman armed only with a dagger. The boss of another level appears. It is an aquatic chimera. The heads are similar to a Monkfish and the body adorned by several Octopus style tentacles. For the girl, the fight is pretty tough.


If Maple has become overpowered in a single episode, you have to move and give her friend the same treatment. Here, once the monster is beaten, the girl also finds a unique armor. The stalker fan club is getting bigger and bigger. Now Sally seems to be starting to be the center of attention too. Ambiguous these people and to think that theoretically the series is taken from a seinen.

Can you imagine if they play the scene that you have to pay to play?


Always too fast for my tastes, I know that the pace of recent anime has changed a lot compared to before but I just can’t get used to it. I like slower and less exaggerated things, you enjoy the storytelling of a series much more if the skills and progress are learned little by little, otherwise, it becomes a power-up list and that’s it.

But from here I can still accept it as a thing, you can see that it is done on purpose not to be taken on the series and to be exaggerated to the maximum to become almost a comic situation that manages to make you smile for the absurdity of the situation.

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