Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation streaming canceled in China

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation has been getting a lot of attention since its airing started. It’s another isekai anime which has stirred up controversy, and this time in the coronavirus birthplace, China!

The anime just like other anime have fan service moments in it. Isekai’s are known for this one thing, that is fan service. It is not a bad thing, these shows are created for the sole purpose of entertainment. So what went wrong in China?

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation causes controversy

A recent e-controversy started in China after an internet celebrity made some questionable remarks about the show. These remarks did not go well with the anime fans on China. The e-celebrity said and I quote

“Successful people dont watch this garbage, this show is for losers. I’m not interested in the growth of this garbage. It’s the type I don’t want to see at first sight when I wanted to know about life.

– Chinese e-celebrity

The remarks didn’t go well with the anime community and the celebrity had ton face backlash for her stupid remarks. Many other popular content creators in China came out in defense of the show.

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Bilibili blocked Mushoku Tensei

Aftee seeing the online feud the popular anime streaming platform Bilibili blocked Mushoku Tensei from the platform. Many fans were against this decision but the streaming service said it was a technical issue, which is a lie.

In china the censorsip rules are pretty vague and stupid. No show can show China in a bad way. That’s just one of the stupid rules on the basis of China allows shows in its country.

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Mushoku Tensei getting blocked in China is both dissapointing and funny at the same time. It’s funny for us because we can watch the situation and enjoy while people in China rae unable to watch this show.

So in the end the only conclusion that we can derive from this was that we shouldn’t care what the online cooontent creatrors say. If the show is bad, no one will watch it. And nones forcing you to watch it. If you don’t like what you see, just move on, don’t ruin everyone’s experience. This was just a pro Karen move that the Chinese celebrity played

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Synopsis of Mushako Tensei

Neet a 34-year-old man is reincarnated into a world of fantasy and magic. He gets reincarnated as a different person known as Rudeus Greyrat, a newborn. Neet dies while trying to save the life of a stranger in a road accident.

With his newfound life, he decides to better than his former self. Rudeus now vows to lead a better and more fulfilling life. He doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes he made on earth.

As in this new world, he is a newborn, but with a grown-up adult’s knowledge, he is regarded as a genius. Also, he now has magical powers, which learns to use pretty quickly. Also, Rudeus is a pervert who likes to make small talk with women most of the time way out of his league.

It’s a fun show all in all and it handles the plot and characters pretty nicely. The story is moving at a brisk pace and episode 6 will be coming out on 14th February!

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