Darling in the Franxx Season 2 release date and more

Darling in the Franxx Season 2 has been on many otakus Christmas lists but we will never get it. Darling in the franxx is still really popular. Especially the waifu that we got is still relevant, there are still many who are devoted to this series.

Darling in the Franxx started airing in January 2018 and ended that same year in July. It had a total of 24 episodes in its original run. The winter anime season of 2018 was only known because of this show. The animation was handled by the following studios – A-1 PicturesTriggerCloverWorks.

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Darling in the Franxx Season 2?

Those who watched the show know why there won’t be a season 2. If they made a season 2 that will undermine the ending of the first season. Without spoiling much we can confirm that the show ended its season 1 run with a bang.

Also, the manga of the anime was released side by side to the anime. It makes no sense to get a season 2. There’s no source material to make another season. Some may say they can make an anime original story. Yes, they can, but that’s really really rare. And besides that, the story already concluded.

Also, there were many rumors and fake video trailers making noise on the internet claiming season 2 is coming out. Don’t fall for such fake articles, if and whenever they announce season 2, they will through their Twitter.

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Darling in the Franxx remake?

So we already know why there won’t be a season 2 or a continuation of the story. But the prospect of a remake remains. How ? you may ask.

Well, the first season was airing while simultaneously the manga was releasing, they both had the same story for a while. But after some time the anime completely deviated from the manga’s story. So there’s a possibility that they may remake the entire show with the manga story.

We have already seen many remakes, Dragon ball kai, hunter x hunter, and the most synonymous Full metal alchemist brotherhood. So there’s a good chance there will be a remake. But we have another problem with this approach. Remakes are made after a long time, almost 10-20 years after their original run. So this may take some time.

The Darling in the Franxx anime was supposed to be based on the manga but something weird happened in the case of this show. And the manga and anime completely deviated from one another.

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Just read the manga!

So technically you can read the manga and get a new experience. The manga also has more fan service moments that will surely keep you entertained. And the story is also different from the anime so you can actually enjoy reading it.


So all hope is lost, we won’t get another season of a darling in the franxx. That’s just not possible at the moment. The author may decide to come back to the series and write something original, but we can’t guarantee. And also once a mangaka move away from the story, it rarely comes back again

There were some fans who started a petition to urge the creators of the show to make season 2. But the anime industry doesn’t function that way. But still, if you have hope that they can make the creators create a new season you can do it from here – petition

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