Death Note 2019 One Shot Manga Download

Death Note 2019 manga download

in Shueisha’s Jump Square 2019 it was announced that the new one-shot chapter will be published if you guys want to download the death note 2019 manga the link is at the bottom.

The story of this manga continues after the death of Light. where the death note is thrown purposely by ryuk on Earth.

Ryuk wanted to find a person as intelligent as Light But unfortunately couldn’t.

but manages to find a guy named “Tanaka” where ryuk and tanaka made a deal.

That they will meet after 2 years and some conditions etc etc.

First seeing Ryuk Tanaka was Scared which is obvious but after that became comforatble.

So Obviously tanaka knew Kira and when ryuk gave tanaka the Death Note he asked him

whether is this the book that kira used,where ryuk said yes.

tanaka said that kira here is considered as the most Dangerous villain in the books of the real world

And is in the History and ethics books of the childrens.

whereas some people find kira right and a GOD.

So Anyways you can read the Manga by downloading it here is the link

Death Note 2019 One Shot Manga : Download

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