Demon Slayer Season 2 might be getting canceled!

Demon Slayer Season 1 had everyone surprised, the amount of detail that went into animating the show was phenomenal. Despite the success and cultural impact of demon slayer season1, Demon Slayer Season 2 might never see the light of day. We won’t be predicting stuff in this article, only facts, legit news, and no rumors.

Demon Slayer is the most profitable anime on planet earth right now, even more than attack on titan! It only makes sense to have another season, and there should have been. Without spoiling much we can say that the arc after Mugen train is pretty big and it should be adapted as an anime.

Why is Demon Slayer Season 2 getting canceled?

If you watch Demon Slayer you might know about the recent movie. The Mugen train movie has only been released in Japan as of yet, due to the unexpected pandemic. The demon slayer movie will be releasing in India to!

And the movie was a commercial success, actually, it surpassed all the expectations and became the highest-grossing movie in Japan! Well, that is a good thing right? We should see the second season air then, WRONG.

It turns out the movie surpassed all expectations and now the production house is looking into making season 2 movie a sequel to the Mugen train movie. The producers are looking into making season two into a movie.

Season 2 was in production?

Although many rumors were flying on the internet about season 2 and how the production had already started. But they are totally false, always look for credible sources. The production house only had planned the second season and they never announced it. Actually, all of this information came from a leak.

Some news outlets predicted that we might get some information regarding the second season in December 2020 on the day of JUMP FESTIVAL but nothing was announced. So that sums up the entire situation. No season 2 has been announced yet.

Will there be a second season?

We don’t know actually, we might or we might not. The producers of the show want5 more money in return. If a movie is outselling the anime, it only makes sense to make a movie. Even though we want a second season we might not get one.

Jump Manga which is responsible for Shounen Jump and much-beloved anime like My hero academia, boruto, dragon ball, and many more, haven’t given an official word yet.

Is making another movie the right choice?

Financially YES, but if they want to follow the arc NO. Many of us haven’t watched Mugen train yet, and the movie is canon, which means we will have to watch the movie first. But the arc after the Mugen train arc is one of the longest arcs in the manga.

If a movie was to be made, it will be almost 4-5 hours long, which is not a recommended run time for an anime. They will have to make a two-part movie which might even flop. They already had started planning another movie that would have aired after season 2 ended.


As of yet (January 2021), nothing is confirmed, we might get a movie or a second season. Don’t believe in unknown sources they are 99% of the time false or click-bait. Movie or Season either way the fans are winning in this deal, just have some patience and we will get some demon slayer eventually.

Till the second season comes out watch some attack on titan or this list – Top 5 anime waifu for the year 2021

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