Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 1 Review

Digimon Adventure 2020: Ready to become a digger?

Digimon Adventure 2020 is an animated series that represents a sort of reboot of the original anime of the 90s, by Toei Animation. There will be several common elements and characters but in some points, the plot will follow a completely new path. The perfect starting point for those who want to get closer to the adventures of digital monsters created by Akiyoshi Hongo.

From the first minutes of Digimon Adventure 2020, we see old acquaintances. In particular, we have the first meeting between Yagami Taichi and Izumi Koshiro. The two boys live in the same building and immediately make friends.

Tokyo is in shitstorm as always in anime

Tokyo is in turmoil due to a cyberattack on the city’s infrastructure. The trains are completely out of control and passengers can’t get off, including Taichi’s mother and sister. Unfortunately for the 2 young people, it is impossible to go to the place. As even the peripheral subways are completely stopped and the turnstiles prevent the passage of citizens.

This is not enough to stop Tai, who manages to pass security. He then throws himself in the direction of the tracks. During the journey, a strange voice calls him and the boy finds himself in the world of the network.

digimon adventure 2020 poster

The first being he sees is Koromon, a pink wad of long ears. The little one is not doing well, he seems wounded and exhausted. But thanks to the contact with the human his power is restored allowing him to evolve into Agumon. Without even having time to get to know each other, the two begin to fight against viruses that attack from all over.

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For a while, Agumon’s Baby Flames manage to keep enemies at bay but their numbers force them to retreat. Meanwhile, Koshiro through his Digivice manages to get in touch with his friend. Apparently, the situation in the real world, in the area of ​​the first attack is back to normal, it was the viruses from before that caused the anomalies.


But hey Agumon is a tank and he doesn’t give a damn about everything. He starts shooting fireballs and destroys almost all the viruses present, except one. Feeling cornered conveys all the data on the network to himself, and uses them to evolve.

digimon adventure agumon greymon

Part 2, the saying says ‘one by one does not hurt anyone’ so Agumon also does not want to be outdone. After synchronizing his power with that of the human friend. The Digivice starts to shine and we witness one of the Digivolutions most classic and iconic of the series.

Agumon Digivolved into Greymon.

The fight is on par, after a few hits, the two digital monsters decide to close it in perfect Japanese style, or with the clash of their most powerful techniques. An electric beam for the virus and the Mega Flame for Greymon. The monster is destroyed and with it. The attacks on Tokyo trains also ceases. It would have taken an extra second to cause a devastating collision between the trains of the railway network. The euphoria of victory must immediately give way to terror for a new attack. In fact, now the target of malevolent Digimon is the American continent.

digimon digital monsters

The episode ends with a close-up of Yamato / Matt Ishida riding the wolf Garurumon.


The start of Digimon Adventure 2020 is quite different from the classic anime. It reminded me of a lot of the stereotypes of a classic Isekai of today. If I didn’t know it is Digimon, I don’t think I would have recognized it. The animations are ok for now and they do their job well if handled well it could be very nice as a series, we hope.

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