Dr. Stone season episode 6 release date, English dub, plot and, more

Dr. Stone season 2 is an ongoing anime that has become internationally popular. Especially among sci-fi fans. Dr stone season 2 episode 6 will be the next episode that will further the story.

Dr. Stone follows the story of a science wiz Senku and his quest to take humanity back to modern times. The story is dystopian sci-fi, and the anime is trying to redefine the shonen genre by its clever set of characters who win wars not with brute force but with their scientific capabilities.

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Dr. Stone season 2 episode 6 release date

Dr. Stone season 2 episode 6 English subbed will be released on 18th February 2021. The English dub for the show is available of Funimation and Animelab. The show is available in Japanese on Crunchyroll along with English, Italian, Spanish, and, Portuguese subtitles.

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Season 2 episode 5 recap

Episode 5 saw the gang making the steam tank even better than it was before with shields. These shields are made from paper and plastic. For those of you who don’t the material, Senku managed to create is similar to Carbon fiber reinforced polymer.

It is crazy strong and use in making vehicles and also rockets. The material is light and strong at the same time. The steam engine Senku created was given an upgrade in this episode, by making it a double engine tank. Read about the actual mechanisms here – wobbler engine steam

The villagers have set up a base near Tsukasa’s hideout and are monitoring their movements. They managed to pinpoint Chrome’s location. He is inside a bamboo prison which doesn’t look sturdy. The prison is heavily guarded by Tsukasa’s goons. The science kingdom will try to ram their steam-tanker into the prison and get Chrome out.

But Tsukasa already knows Senku might have developed a steam engine and hence he has already set traps for a vehicle. The science kingdom wants to overthrow Tsukasa’s rule and get to the nitrate cave without bloodshed, but Tsukasa has different goals and won’t let Senku get to the cave easily.

Senku and the gang are planning to ram the tank into Chrome’s prison but they are walking right into a trap. The next episode will show Senku finally entering the Tsukasa empire’s base of operations, so get excited because we’re 100 billion percent sure you will enjoy it!

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What makes the show great

Dr. Stone is great at handling the pace of the show. Nothing seems rushed or slow. Whenever Senku tries building something we get invested in his journey too. And when finally he achieves his goal, we the audience feel a sense of completion

The experiments and tech created in the show are real and follow every rule the modern world technology follows. From the pulley system to literal guns. The show knows what it’s doing. And we get to see everything, from the collecting of materials to the melting and shaping of glass!

If you haven’t watched Dr. Stone this is the time you start watching it. The second season just started airing and has a great arc coming soon. So not watching it will be an insult to this show. This show has the potential to become an attack on titan level story.

The mystery surrounding the green light which turned people into stones is the same as that of from where the titans came. Dr. Stone if manages to keep consistency it can easily become a modern classic.

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