Dragon ball heroes Episode 18 Predictions!

Episode 18 Preview

As we All know the Spectacular battle Between Hearts and Z Fighters… Super Hearts Defeats All of the Z Fighters Even Jiren Didn’t Stand a Chance Against Hearts. Hearts Overpowered All of them and in the final scenes of DBH Episode 17 in the Universal Conflict arc.

After realizing that they couldn’t beat Super Hearts in their current state, Goku tried to convince Vegeta to do the fusion dance and merge into Gogeta….. Super Hearts was amazed by the transformation, but the power of Gogeta doesn’t seem to concern him at all..

Now we have 2 watch Weather gogeta can Defeat Super Hearts or Not, Because at Present Super Hearts is Strongest Being in the Universe because he Defeat the Strongest Mortal Jiren…
and Guyzz those who are spreading rumours About Dragon ball heroes is shit or bad Plzz Stop Doing this and Enjoy this Show….

So Back to Topic Umm In History of Dragon ball heroes this fight will Gonna be the Best Intense Fight in this Promotional Anime… Gogeta Vs Super Hearts will take Place in Episode 18 of Dragon ball heroes, In this Episose Gogeta will fight with his Full Power Because we all know How much Strong is Super Hearts !!!!

In Dragon ball Super Broly, Gogeta was the Only Hope to Defeat Broly..So this Time Gogeta is Once Again back to Defeat the Powerful Villain hearts We also know How Powerful Gogeta is. He beat the Crap out of broly….so maybe in this Episode Hearts Will Defeat by Gogeta or something Else Happen that we Didn’t Expect…

Episode 18 Predictions :

So Guyzz My theory is If Gogeta is also not Enough to Defeat Hearts then i think Omni king will help goku like the last time they defeat Zamasu !!!
I dont know this theory will may correct or maybe not. I said this because there is no other Fighter
who can Defeat Hearts except Omni king and Grand Priest !!!!

If Grand Priest Enter into this Fight then hearts will never Stand aa chance against Grand Priest Because Grand Priest is the Strongest Being in the Multiverse So I dont think Grand Priest will join this Fight So the Best Option is Omni king

So i think Omni king will Erased Hearts from Existence because now he is a big threat for the Universe and I cant Wait For this Episode but sadly this Episode is Releasing in December there is a long Wait for this Epicnessss…..

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