Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 18 Release Date Changed !

Episode 18 Release date

The Episode which we have been waiting for so long will now be a little late the episode 18 release date has been changed.

so all the fans have to wait for more days to watch the episode.

Before we jump to the Date lets talk about the Episode :

There will be a Gogeta Vs Hearts Fight where Gogeta Might Use UI or Kaioken the Title Of the Next Episode is :

Super Showdown Gogeta Vs Hearts .

you know whats going to happen from the title and the Description says the fate of the Earth is in the hands of the Strongest Fused Warrior

Now about the episode 18 Release Date the episode was supposed to be released in the Early weeks of December but now has changed to the last 2 weeks which will be Probably between 21-23 december.

and the timings are :

1.30 PM (Japanese Time)

12.30 Am US

10:00 AM INDIA

6:30 AM France

5:30 Am UK

12:30 PM Singapore

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