Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 19 Predictions and release date!

dragon Ball Heroes

Dragon Ball heroes Episode 19 is the last episode of this Season so everyone is excited what will be next.

Everyone was expecting Dragon ball super 2 Announcement in the Jump fest of 2019 but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

The Release date of this episode is still not confirmed yet but the episode is set out to release between :

10-23 January which is a long time but we have waited longer than this for episode 18.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 19 Predictions :

As we saw in Episode 18 the Fight hasn’t ended yet and this is the last episode where maybe the fight will end.Where as i have doubts on Hearts because i think he is not able to or not using his full power.

and i think the meteor ball that Hearts threw on gogeta will fail or Gogeta will dodge it .

to talk about who will win the battle i think Gogeta because as it is the last episode and this will conclude the episode to an ending.

and maybe if hearts is really getting pushed by Gogeta we might get to see him power up.

and the reason i think Hearts is not showing his full power is because of fuu as we all know the Second season is announced and fuu is coming in that season as shown in promotional image.

There are two possible outcomes of this episode:

  • Gogeta will Defeat Hearts which is the obvious one and everyone thinks
  • Fuu will Replace Gogeta and Defeat hearts which can happen

We might get a Cliff hanger in this episode as this is going to build up the hype for the next episode or the Season 2

Season 2 will be released soon,as compared to the time we are getting the Episodes

We only have to wait for few months for the season 2 be updated by allowing the notifications on!

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