Dragon Ball Super 2 Announcement In Jump Festa 2019

Dragon Ball Super 2

Dragon Ball Super 2 can be announced at the Jump Festa in 2019

Here’s we think why :

Because,when going through the jump Festa stage timings we noticed that there are two Stage timings for Dragon Ball Super Anime (Scroll down for image)

which are named as “Dragon Ball Super” Anime Special Stage where one is 11:30 to 12:00 on 21st December

and the other is for the same timing on 22nd December. Voice Actors for the anime are going to be there as well

A few days before the voice actor for broly was confirmed and the voice actor of Vegeta had a meeting with Toei Animation.

Where he tweeted that he cant say anything.

and the Official English Dub of Dragon Ball Super has ended so everything is on its place

We personally think that there might me a 50% chance of Dragon Ball Super 2 Coming Back.

DBS 2 can either Continue the Manga Moro Arc or the Dragon Ball Heroes ongoing arc.

If the anime comes back this will be the best thing that will happen in 2019!!

Here is the Image :

Jump Festa 2019 timings

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