Edens Zero Release date, characters, fairy tale similarities, and more

Edens Zero is a new upcoming anime that will air this year. The show’s trailer dropped a while ago and since then it has managed to garner the attention of anime fans. The show also stirred up many controversies regarding its character design. Many are comparing it to a fairy tail and some are even suggesting the Edens Zero might be a fairy tail successor.

Lets cut the clutter and see what’s all the fuss about and also Edens Zero’s Release date.

Edens Zero Release date

Edens Zero is set to release in the spring anime season this year. It will have tough competition to get views as much top-rated anime like My hero academia will also release in that time frame.

As for the release date of the Show, it will be released on April 10th, 2021. The show will air weekly on Sundays at 00:55 (JST) i.e in Japan. As for the English dub of the show, there’s no new as of yet.

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Edens Zero Release date

Edens Zero Plot

The story follows a Granbell, Shiki, who lives at an abandoned amusement park. His entire life he has lived alone, but due to some event that takes place in the park, he has to move out. There’s a robot-rebellion brewing up in his hometown. Now to escape this madness Shiki, Rebecca, and her cat companion happy, jump in a spaceship and drift off into the boundless cosmos!

The story is much darker compared to Fairy tale and the character are also well written. The show is written in such a way that the story could go on for 3-4 seasons or even more, i.e if it manages to succeed.

Fairy tale similarites

When the railer dropped many fairy tale fans thought that Edens zero was nothing more than a fairy tale ripoff or clone. Well, we can see where their confusion arises from, the character design is similar to that of fairy tale. But that is because the author, fairy tale and Eden zero both are drawn by the same author, and hence the similarities

But we can assure you the stories won’t have any similarities, Edens zero has nothing to do with Fairy tale. It is a stand-alone show, and we hope it succeeds as the manga is really great!

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