Eromanga Sensei, SAO, Goblin Slayer, No Game No Life, more pulled after media depicting child porn

The Sydney branch of the Books Kinokuniya store chain removed seven manga titles after accusation of media depicting child porn. It removed seven mangas from its shelves. It was following a written complaint by South Australian legislator Connie Bonaros. Bonaros wrote that she was concerned that the bookstore was hosting child pornography material. Further said that it involved the removal of these offensive books. The letter doesn’t specify the titles.

Eromanga Sensei

Titles Removed

Kinokuniya’s vice chairman Keijiro Mori wrote back. He confirmed that the subsequent titles are far from Kinokuniya Sydney:

Keijiro Mori’s Response on media depicting child porn

Sword art online

Mori also wrote that Kinokuniya is communicating about media depicting child porn. He in touch with the Australian Classification Board about the difficulty. Also, Mori replied in response to Bonaros’ question regarding whether the titles are removed worldwide.

Mori clarified, “In terms of our action globally, wherever our stores are situated we respect local law and culture, and make ordering decisions respectively and accordingly.”

Stirling Griff’s Reply on media depicting child porn

goblin slayer

Bonaros belongs to the SA-Best party, the Centre Alliance’s affiliate party for South province elections. In February, senator Stirling Griff from the Centre Alliance reviewed. The senator reviewed all anime and manga currently accessible in Australia. He was expressing his concerns. He expressed about media depicting child exploitation. Bonaros was Griff’s former chief of staff.

Griff used the series Eromanga Sensei as an example of media depicting “child exploitation and heavily features incest themes”. He also stated, “many scenes are so disturbing I just won’t, I just can’t, describe them.”

Legal or Illegal?

no game no life

The Australian Classification Board communicated Griff’s criticisms at the time. He was stating that it’s tuned in to the concerns involving Sword Art Online: Extra Edition, No Game No Life, and Eromanga Sensei Volumes 1 & 2. The Board rates content with the identical criteria whether it’s live-action or animated.

In Australia, it’s illegal to provide, possess, or distribute pornography or abuse material depicting an individual under the age of 18. In 2008, a new South Wales Supreme Court judge ruled that a pornographic cartoon depicting characters from The Simpsons was child porn. Under Japan’s current smut laws, fictional depictions like anime and manga are exempted from the law.

Source: The Advertiser via Kotaku Australia (Alex Walker)

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