Eternity Shinya Nurekoi Channel gets an anime adaptation with 12 Episodes & Release date

A novel named as Eternity Shinya or “Eternity Books” will get an anime adaption by the Studio seven

The publisher Alpha Polis Of the novel Eternity Shinya Nurekoi Channel also known as Eternity late night wet love channel has announced an anime adaption for this given Japanese novel. This novel focuses on Adult Women and their main audience is focused on them.

This is adult Romance anime truly focused on Women of anime audience. The manga imprints eternity books will inspire the anime that will be premiered on Television in Japan but the respective streaming channels and For the Western audience, it will be released on legal streaming websites.

Details you need to know about the anime Eternity Shinya Nurekoi Channel or Eternity Late Night Wet Love Channel

There are a total of 12 Episodes for Eternity Shinya Nurekoi Channel or Eternity Late Night Wet Love Channel in this anime adaption. Every episode will be different from that of others. Every episode will be like a single story based on some Romance.

The Studio which is going to adapt the series is named as studio Seven, they’re behind some famous anime like  Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken ( I can’t understand what my husband is saying ), Ousama game the audition, etc. So the adaptive will be a great one because the studio has made some popular anime in their past.

Each new weekly episode will focus on one of the works. The censored episode will air on late night in Tokyo MX and deluxe that is uncensored version will steam on steaming websites or deluxe version.

Eternity Shinya Nurekoi Channel
Poster for Eternity Shinya Nurekoi Channel

The 12 works included in this anime Eternity late night wet love story channel will have 12 respective Episodes. Each will cover 1 episode. The anime names are named as  following

Eternity Shinya Nurekoi Channel Episodes list

Episode 1 : Kimi ga Suki Dakara  – Because I Like You written by Miju Inoue

Episode 2 : Dekiai Days – Doting Days written by Maki Makihara

Episode 3 : Ai Sareru no Mo Oshigoto Desu ka?! – Is Being Loved Also Part of the Job?! Written by Subaru Kayano

Episode 4 : Machikogareta Happy End The Long – Awaited Happy Ending written by Miki Yoshizakura

Episode 5 : Noraneko wa Ai ni Oboreru – Drowning the Stray Cat in Love written by Akari Sakura

Episode 6 : Bōsō Propose wa Goku Ama Shitate  – The Reckless Proposal Dressed Up in Sweetness written by Mayu Fuyuno

Episode 7 : Purin no Tanaka-san wa Kedamono – Tanaka-san With the Pudding is a Beast written by Zakku Yukito

Episode 8 : Reikoku CEO wa Hisho ni Oboreru ka? – Will the Cold-Hearted CEO Fall Head Over Heels for the Secretary? Written by Ruru Ruzuki

Episode 9 : Sōmubu no Maruyama-san, Ikemen Shachō ni Dekiai Sareru – The Handsome President Dotes on Maruyama from General Affairs written by Hiromi Yūin

Episode 10 : 152-senchi 62-kilo no Koibito – The 152cm Tall, 62kg Lover written by Aoi Katakura

Episode 11 : Watashi to Kare no Omiai Jijō – The Formal Marraige Situation Between Me and Him written by Mao Yukimura

Episode 12 : 4-ban Me no Iinazuke Kōho – The Fourth Fiance Candidate written by Seiya Togashi

These are the following episodes of this anime. Anime release date will be updated so stay tune here at Otakuarena


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