Evangelion 4 pushed to 2021!

Has the Release Date for Hideaki Anno’s Evangelion 4 pushed to 2021? Latest updates and every one the updates for you!

Adieu Neon Genesis Evolution!

Movies like I, Robot and Men In Black are a number of the flicks the audience has enjoyed over the years. These movies specialize in themes like alien invasion and apocalypse. The alien invasion has always been a curious topic for viewers. Today we’ve got brought you updates on one such movie, which is coming with its finale. It’s the Evangelion 4!

Will Shinji be ready to complete his mission?

Evangelion 4 is that the fourth installment of the Japanese anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion. The anime was first aired in 1997. But it was rebooted in 2007 with the title – Rebuild of Evangelion. The anime upon its release saw huge fanbase in Japan and Overseas.

Recap to The Evangelion trilogy

The Evangelion trilogy introduces the audience to the futuristic city of Tokyo-3. The protagonist of the series is Shinji Ikari. He is named by his father as he witnesses the civilization fight against the alien invaders called the Angels. Shinji is now chargeable for taking on the command of piloting Evangelion 1.0 and save his people.

Over the assorted installments, the creators showcase the life Shinji amid his aides. Asuka Langley and Misato Katsuragi as they oppose the alien invasion. The third edition of the anime movie showcased the events after 14 years when Shinji meets Kaworu Nagisa. It is later revealed to at least one of the clones made by his father, seeking to search out the reality about the third impact.

Why Evangelion 4?

Evangelion 4 is unlike the anime series that you just would have come upon. The series has gathered attention due to its engaging plot and also the magnificent visual representation. The importance of sensitive topics like mental state and sexuality. You must catch informed of the series before the finale!

When is Evangelion 4 Releasing?

The initial release date for Evangelion 4 was scheduled in June 2020. But due to the pandemic, the date has been pushed forward. The production house hasn’t yet announced a release date. It is speculated that we might even see the finale by early 2021 or even later.

The leads Shinji and Asuka are set to form a comeback for the finale.

Check out the trailer for Evangelion 4 here

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