Fire Force Season 2 Tweets Fiery New Poster!

If you have been with the latest episodes of Fire Force‘s second season, you may have noticed that the latest release ended the fan-favorite Fifth Pillar arc. It is preparing to move into its next big arc. The Chinese Penisula arc is about to start. As Shinra and some select members of varied Special Fire Force Company groups are banding together. They are to search out out more clues about the Adolla Bursts. Now that they need didn’t have Inca in Fire Force custody. The hunts to search out the remaining Adolla Bursts are on before the White-Clad can cause another cataclysm.

Fire Force Season 2 New Arc on the Horizon

This new arc is the main target of the following few episodes of the season. It can herald new fan favorites like Ogun Montgomery into the fold along with two other new additions. You’ll actually see these new additions in action with the most recent poster for Fire Force Season 2. It teases the mysterious enemies that Shinra and this small group find. They find new enemies while exploring this strange new land for potential leads.

As fans will see from this new arc, we’ll be getting way more action from Ogun, Pan Ko Paat, and more. You’ll be able to take a look at the new poster for the season below as shared through Funimation’s official Twitter account! They note how this arc is going to be running from Episode 7 all the thanks to Episode 10. People hoping to determine even more arcs adapted this season are in luck considering there are still some episodes to travel.

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As the various Fire Force groups realized how unprepared they were for the White-Clad, now more are involved instead of just the 8th company alone. This can result in every kind of character mix-ups and matchups. Now we just need to wait and see what else this new season has in store! But what does one think? Are you excited to test out Fire Force’s New World Adventure saga?

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