Perfect Gintama Series Watch Order with Filler Episode List

Gintama is a Shounen Jump manga that was adapted into a TV anime series & also highest rated Comedy – Shonen Anime of all time. But the Gintama Series Watch Order is not as simplified as you might think & also there is a heck of Filler episode too.

The Gintama Series was not intended to run this long, in fact, the Series was Ended with a Canon Movie and was speculated that there would not be any more from Gintama in the Future, but the Fandom was not in the mood to accept that and with Huge Support, at last, the Series was Continued.

The Best & Right Gintama Series Watch Order [Movies Included]

Why this is the best & right order? And the answer is: Gintama was my 4th Anime after knowing the term anime and I watched the Gintama as it was aired [Year Wise] and I was kinda doomed but After when I rewatched the Series with this particular order it feels more Practical to the Story, Where Should it and end & From where it Continued.

Best Order to Watch Gintama Series

So don’t create a big fuss over watch order. Just Follow this order and you are good to go.

  1. Episode 1&2 – “Just Skip them. They are Just your filler episode and no relation to actual anime.”
  2. Gintama: 3-201 – “So here from Ep 58-61 there would a movie but watch after this Season.”
  3. Gintama Movie 1: Benizakura“This is the CANON movie I was talking about which takes place in Ep 58-61.”
  4. Gintama'(2011): 202-252
  5. Gintama’ Enchousen: 253-265: “There would be some Re-Runs So Bare them for Some time.”
  6. Gintama Movie 2: Be Forever Yorozuya: “This is again a CANON Movie. This movie was released to end the Series but then they continued the series anyway.”
  7. Gintama┬░ (2015): 266-316
  8. Gintama. (2017): 317-328
  9. Gintama. “Porori”: 329-342
  10. Gintama. Silver Soul Arc: 343-355
  11. Gintama. Silver Soul Arc Part 2: 356-370

Perfect Gintama Series Filler/Skippable Episode List!!

There are a lot of Skippable/Filler episodes, I mean A Lot. But Honestly, you should watch all this episode because some the Episode has One Of the Best Movements as well as Back Story. But you don’t watch that’s fine you will not miss that of a huge deal.

  • 13
  • 17
  • 25
  • 31-32
  • 40-42
  • 51-52
  • 54-55
  • 58-61
  • 62
  • 69-71
  • 76-81
  • 86-87
  • 94-95
  • 98-99
  • 115-118
  • 151-152
  • 215
  • 239-240
  • 308-316

Please let me know in the comment section if I have missed or added any wrong filler

Thanks For Reading.

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