Goblin Slayer Season 2 has been announced finally!

Goblin Slayer Season 2 has been finally confirmed. The news just came in and we are excited for season 2 of this beloved show. It first aired in 2018 and since it ended many have speculated over season 2. You see the first season was the talking point of many controversies, and fans were afraid that season 2 will never see the light of the day

But finally, the production came out with an announcement out of the blue and confirmed season 2. Here’s everything we know so far

Goblin Slayer Season 2 episode count

Goblin slayer season 1 had 12 episodes in total which aired in 2018 almost 2 years ago. Although season 2 was announced to be officially in the works, we don’t have an exact episode count as of yet.

Although the show is getting a season 2, it wasn’t very popular in the east. By east, I mean in Japan. Japanese didn’t like the show as much as the west did. The show did not get a huge following right away. Actually, the only reason why season one started getting popular was that it became available on Netflix

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Is there enough source material for season 2?

Actually yes, in fact, there is a lot of material still remaining to be adapted. The goblin slayer anime is an adaptation of a light novel series that has the same name.

It started publishing in 2016 and is currently still ongoing.

Seeing how many volumes the first season covered there is a lot left to be told. As of January 2021, there are 16 volumes of the light novel

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Release Date?

Although they confirmed season 2, we don’t have any info about the release date as of yet. We are expecting to get official release dates pretty soon. When that happens we will be the first ones to notify you.

If we are going by the trends followed by season 1, we might get season 2 in September – October this year. Or we might get an early release. The release date is still being speculated by many fans.

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from episode 7 of goblin slayer season 1

1 hour OVA on 1st February

Theres a 1 hour long OVA planned to be released on February 1st 2021. Its time to slay some Goblins!

There are many great shows coming this year and Goblin Slayer just made it better. I guess the anime industry is trying to recover from the worst year for anime i.e 2020. The ova will be available on Crunchyroll after the release

Possible studio change?

White Fox is the studio which is responsible for animating season 1. And the job was done almost perfectly, the backgrounds were a delight to watch and the music score was pretty magnificent. But this dosen’t mean they will be doing season 2.

When we got the season 2 confirmatiion news , we didn’t get any news regarding White Fox animating it. And what led to us beleiving that White Fix wont be adapting Goblin Slayer were some rumors from credible sources.

Although White Fox did a great job, they may have different projects at hand right now. Attack on titan season 1-3 were animated by WIT and they were critically acclaimed. Buit still the 4th season was to much for Wit and hence they gave that responsibilitry to MAPPA.

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Official teaser for season 2 and key visuals!

Along with the news we got a key visual and also a teaser trailer

Key visual (poster for season 2)

What to expect

Goblin Slayer is a apretty decent show and has a massive following now. It is only financialy makes sense to have another season or even more season in the fiuture. The show was surrounded by many controversies and thats why many thought there wont bne a season 2.

The anime will onlyu add to the great animes that are going to be releasing in 2021 . 2021 is already a good year for anime and manga in general.

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