Higurashi when they cry returning after delay (Release Date, spoilers)

One of the most popular horror anime in fandom rejoice after 07 Expansion and kadokawa announced that there will be a Higurashi When they cry series/Franchise gets a new anime project directed and produced by Studio paasione.

Higurashi when they cry Details

Studio Deen animated Season 1 and season 2 of the anime Higurashi When they cry under the direction of chiaki kon. The Anime is really popular both in Japan and foreign countries as the story is very complex horror anime with gore and psychological aspect as to increase the taste of the story. Fan were really got off guard after the anime studio officially stated about the new anime adaption sequel of Higurashi when they cry season 1 and season 2.

A new teaser trailer of Higurashi when they cry was also released following the official announcement, walo featuring Higurashi’s Rena ryuga all happy with a little blood splatter on her face. This anime caught new watchers offguard with little cute girls with all horror mindset and gore killing. Everyone knows when rena gets angry it’ll be over for anyone, that smile hide away her scary part.

Higurashi Trailer

The series was adapted by Deen based on the visual novel which was released in 2002, the higurashi when they cry anime was adapted by studio deen in 2006 with 26 episodes. Following the next year in 2007 the second season of Higurashi when they cry got adapted by the same studios that is studio Deen. The original series also got an two Live action film adaptation as well as a manga adaption and many OVA’s (original Video adaptation). The stage play for higurashi was done in 2019.

The studio Passions which will be doing the new adaption of Higurashi has also created some famous anime like High school DxD and Rails wars. There will be a new character in higurashi series which is designed by skip Watanabe who was a designer behind famous anime monogatari series. The Character will be brand new so fans are excited about who is it.

Higurashi When they Cry Release date

The anime was originally scheduled to premiere in July 2020, which is this month but because of Covid-19 it was delayed and there was no official announcement to when it will release until today. The official website of Higurashi when they cry has announced that the anime will return and released in October 2020 this year. The various cast from the original series is returning and with new character design done by new character designers like Watanabe and Kenji kawaii who also composed some great series from old school that is ghost in the shell, patlabor, Gudam 00 etc is also returning as the composer of the series.

higurashi when they cry

The higurashi when they cry new series will be adapted based on Tomato Akase manga.
Stay tuned here at Otakuarena to know more about the series.

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