How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast): What to Know for Season 2

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) follows Moritz Zimmermann, a highschool outsider skilled at computers, as he builds a highly lucrative online store for ecstasy. The Netflix comedy series, set in Rinseln, Germany, is both a cautionary tale and a coming-of-age story that shows just how quickly a bunch of children can get in over their heads.

So, with the trailer for Season 2 showing how Moritz is being lauded as a genius by his classmates while gangsters hellbent on revenge seek for him, it is time to require a glance back at the most events of Season 1 to work out how he came.


Moritz gets dumped by his girlfriend, Lisa Novak, who’s just returned from studying abroad in America where she developed a taste for ecstasy. He also sees her flirting with Daniel Riffert, a jock at their school, and hacks her Facebook. He discovers she’s throwing a party that Dan will supply with ecstasy. needing to steal Dan’s glory, Moritz anonymously reports Dan to the police, and asks his ally, Lenny Sander, for help getting ecstasy. They locate Dan’s dealer, Buba, and Moritz buys a bag of ecstasy on partial credit. He pays for the remainder with money he took from a joint account founded for MyTems, the duo’s online gaming store.

Quickly after his arrest, Dan is released on a possession charge. Moritz then sees him at the party and instigates a fight, which Dan wins. On the way home, Lenny and Moritz have a breach over the money. to pay off his debt, Moritz decides to sell the ecstasy online and changes MyTems to MyDrugs. After a heartfelt apology, he convinces Lenny they will get their a refund by selling on the Darknet. Buba shows up to gather his loan and winds up becoming a partner in MyDrugs.

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast): MYDRUGS

The product, however, gets bad reviews, so that they arrange to find a more robust supplier. Moritz and Lenny start getting products from their new supplier, Purplerain, and their sales improve but not enough so that they arrange to start selling on the clear web. Shortly thereafter, Moritz’s dad, Jens Zimmermann, who could be a policeman, nabs Buba after Dan snitches on him. Jens asks Moritz for help hacking Buba’s laptop for more information, but it would have evidence incriminating Moritz. So, after some quick thinking, Moritz hacks Buba’s computer and deletes the Winchester drive.

After their small victory, Lenny and Moritz complete building the clear webshop and celebrate at a restaurant, but they get into another fight because Moritz has been rearranging operations and getting another supplier in Rotterdam without telling Lenny. Lenny sees this more as a short-term project while Moritz is pursuing it sort of a business, therefore the two have a break. Lenny then heads home where he makes a 3D-printed gun because he knows Buba goes to be out of prison soon and can want to work out who turned him in.

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast): THE REPERCUSSIONS

Later that night, Lisa’s friend, Gerda, overdoses on ecstasy. Moritz sees Gerda’s name on their customer list and begins rationalizing that it’s okay to sell drugs because people are answerable for themselves. Meanwhile, Buba, who thinks Moritz and Lenny ratted him out, shows up at Lenny’s place and abducts him. Moritz gets Dan to assist him to rescue Lenny by threatening to inform Buba who snitched on him. While attempting to avoid wasting Lenny, however, they’re caught by Buba who ties all of them up. Lenny pulls out his 3D-printed gun and tries to shoot Buba but it jams. Buba, thinking the weapon could be a toy, aims it at himself and pulls the trigger, killing himself.

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