Hunter X Hunter is returning, but not how we expected it to

Hunter X Hunter was rumored to return this year and we also wrote an article about this issue. Many Voice actors for the sow were teasing about some project and the fans were getting excited. The voice actors have been synonymous on keeping secrets until the official announcement.

But this time around they decided to spill the beans way before an announcement was made officially. This gave the fans false hope as they weren’t working on a new anime sadly. The voice actors caused this problem. But it dosen’t mean they were wrong.

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Hunter X Hunter is returning as an event

Hunter X Hunter is returning but not as we thought it would. There is new material in the making but it isn’t a anime show, or even a movie . Not even a game. So what are we getting?

They are having a virtual event following the earlier exam arcs. This is really disappointing as the fans have again been let down. Many people don’t care about this event and it is targeted for a younger demographic.

The event will be available not just in Japan but every country where Crunchyroll is available. You can to Crunchyroll for more news on this topic.

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What were rumors and leaks about?

Gon’s voice actor has been tweeting various hunter x hunter related content and recently she posted an image of something pixelated. Many speculated that this might be a promotional cover for the anime. But this wasn’t any normal rumor, Funimation got a hint and decided to write an entire article about it.

The voice actor for Gon also posted on Instagram a photo of her microphone and the caption read “Yes, back to my origin, my original work” this makes you think. What was the biggest show this VC was a part of? She also said she was working with her partner which might killua.

Obviously, Hunte X Hunter comes to mind after all the tweets we kept getting. If the posts and tweets are true then we might be seeing some official announcements soon or later this year.

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No Manga No Anime?

As we said earlier, the manga doesn’t have any source material for another season. Then how can we get another season? Well, a few months ago a news outlet had claimed that the mangaka for the series or the creator of Hunter X Hunter, Yoshihiro Togashi has already created a new storyline and manga for another season.

And the studio wanted to start making that show as soon as possible, but the unexpected pandemic hit the Japanese anime industry and everything came to a halt.

Now they might have resumed production and hence we’re getting so many leaks and rumors about the return of Hunter X Hunter.

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Take everything we said in this article with a grain of salt and remember this is just speculation on our end. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet. And if the show is on production we will get some news pretty soon. And we might the anime by December 2021 or early 2022.

Hunter X Hunter aired from Oct 2, 2011, to Sep 24, 2014. The series had almost 150 episodes and was animated by  Madhouse. The animation was great and the story was too.

The show was immensely popular and still is, if we get another season it will literally break the internet. 2021 has already turned out to be one of the best years for anime in a while. With so many great shows airing it is difficult to even keep a track of all of them. Especially Attack on titan is going crazy.

If Hunter X Hunter gets announced this year, 2021 will undoubtedly be the best year for anime. We already have news about many great shows returning and Hunter X Hunter will be icing on the cake.

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