Indian Football Division is making the most out of Lockdown

With the ongoing global pandemic, sports activities have come to an abrupt halt. The UK crawling towards the end of the pandemic had decided to resume the Premier League season on the 17th of June with 92 matches still left to be contested. It played in empty stadiums with strict measures enforced. Managers had to come up with different strategies and tactical approaches to overcome the loss of home advantage and fatigue from a three-month hiatus. Football being the center of everything in the UK. Football fans of India are flocking in to watch it after a big gap of non-competitive sports.

Changing the global landscape and rapidly growing country of India has seen a tremendous rise in employment in the past decade. Despite the positive progress, Indian sports still face numerous difficulties and hurdles. Empowering sports helps a nation to grow and develop the socio-economic status exponentially. The lack of infrastructure and investments in sports especially in football has been one of the major reasons why India as a sports-loving nation is under performing and it is still an untapped market of explosive potential.

Mumbai City FC

The recent acquisition of Mumbai City FC by City Football Group, a global sports management firm, owner of Manchester City, Melbourne City, New York City, and various other clubs indicates as to where Indian football is heading. City Football Group acquires football clubs of financial centers of the respective country is slowly but surely paying dividends. They have acquired 65% of Mumbai City FC, making them the majority shareholder. ATK with its energy & Mohun Bagan with its legacy has merged into one superclub ATK Mohun Bagan FC becoming the richest club with the largest fanbase in India.

Despite the controversial beginnings of the Indian Super League among big footballing hierarchies and disciplines, AIFF and the fans have accepted it to be India’s premier league as well as the Asian Football Confederation acknowledging its presence by awarding them an AFC Champions League preliminaries berth.

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