Is Lemillions Quirk Really Gone?| My hero Academia S4

Bnha (My hero academia ) Season 4 lemillions quirk

Mirio Togata also known by his hero name Lemillion. He is a student in Class 3-B at U.A. High School and is a part of The Big 3. and has surprised all fans of my hero academia and he proved eri that he can be a hero fighting 4 against 1 and still over powering them. but lemillions quirk was nullified lets see how.

which was so amazing to watch And the last entry of midoriya aka deku with izawa and night eye was an awesome turn.

If you watch the preview carefully you will see midoriya’s expression where he is so angry in the preview which we often see midoriya in which will lead in another awesome fight.

As i was saying that mirio was out numbered but he still was able to protect eri and fight the four opponents alone he manages to stay alive at the very end until midoriya shows.But as he was fighting he was shot by a member of chisaki.

But the problem is that the effect of the bullet is not temporary it’s permanent.

What i mean to say is that when Tamaki aka suneater was shot by the bullet after some time he was able to use his quirk.

So then Why Mirio cant ?

In case of mirio he was shot by the bullet which effect lemillions quirk permanently means his body is at a state where his quirk had not manifested but the effect will be permanent it can’t be turned back.

For confirmation as the episode starts chisaki was having conversation with his member who was telling chisaki that it took so much time to create this 5 bullet.

And chisaki replied that yes but now we will have labs and will invest money etc etc.

Which proves that the bullets which were fired are permanent ones.

If you are wondering that how mirio will Become hero so there are some rumors that eri will use her quirk and the effect will be gone.

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