Kings Avatar (Quan Zhi Gao Shou) Season 2 Release Date Announced

After all the various let-downs regarding the airing date for the long-awaited return of The Kings Avatar Season 2 anime series. We finally have credible sources to substantiate the release date for Season 2. I’d chopped and adjusted my news page about the series such a lot, that it’s almost unreadable.

The latest rumor and to place you out of your misery, it’s believable this time. It is that a 12 episode Season 2 of The Kings Avatar (Quan Zhi Gao Shou) will air on 25th September 2020 in the Asian nation.
It was announced on the official Weibo account for The King’s Avatar (Quan Zhi Gao Shou) which stated that season two will begin streaming on September 25 2020 via Tencent Video. They also confirmed by the way, that it’ll be only 12 episodes long which is unhappy as many people were hoping for something a touch more substantial long.

The conservative and well trusted Kings Avatar fan site have also confirmed that the air date is 25th September 2020. And if you would like more evidence, the venerable MyAnimeList has finally started showing an “aired from” date on the Kings Avatar 2 web page. They’re well-known for under putting up release dates if they’re pretty certain.

My Anime List confirms September 25th for 2nd Season of Kings Avatar.

Perhaps the foremost obvious indication is within the trailer itself, not so obvious for westerners who don’t speak Chinese, but there if you look towards the top of the video.

The Kings Avatar (Quan Zhi Gao Shou) Season 2 Trailer

On the sooner versions of the trailer (the Asian ones), near the top of the trailer, you’ll see this screen. Alas this isn’t available on the trailer above the first one was taken down by Tencent:

A prequel film titled Quan Zhi Gao Shou: For the Glory was released in 2019 and plenty of fans within the west still haven’t seen it. We don’t believe that not having seen the film is going to be an excessive amount of an issue for the enjoyment of the second season.

Kings Avatar (Quan Zhi Gao Shou) – Overview of Season 2

In Season One, Ye Xiu left the superb Dynasty guild and he and Chen Guo formed Happy Guild on the 10th Server. Ye Xiu has continued to dedicate all his time to Glory. While Chen Guo manages the guild and builds up the team’s reputation for Ye Xiu’s eventual return to the professional Glory gaming scene.

That reputation is certainly building as Chen Guo and Ye Xiu win more accolades on the 10th server. But the Ye Xiu (still called Lord Doom) realizes that he still needs to gather new and talented players quickly to be able to compete.

Will we see Season 2 on YouTube?

Tencent Video uploaded the primary season of the animated series on YouTube for a few of the fans outside China excluding some countries in the geographical area, Taiwan, and India. But G.CMay Animation who manages animation & production for the series is uncertain if Tencent Video will distribute the second season on YouTube. We’ll just need to wait and see who will pick it up. Netflix picked up the live-action show very quickly after it was released and that we loved them for it. I’m unsure Youtube is as quick off the mark.

I’m unsure how soon we are going to be able to see it after it begins airing in China. Hopefully, the streaming version is available somewhere accessible.

Stay tuned at Otakuarena for more updates!

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