king’s game anime aka Ousama Game Review worth or not ?

king’s game anime also Known as Ousama Game was aired in 2017 was loved but also hated at the same time why lets see !

I wanted to watch this anime for so long and finally finished all the pending one’s and started this,People Started comparing this anime with Cop’s Party because of it’s plot.

The Plot Review of King’s Game

I am going to cut it short the anime starts with 32 Students in a high-school Classroom where all the 32 Students get a text message from the King with different Certain tasks to complete.

If the tasks are not completed you would get punished in Brutal ways.N

Now The King person blackmails each and every person and forces them to do bad for others.

killings in this anime are brutal and are also compared to “Another Anime .

The main Protagonist of this anime “Nobuaki Kanazawa” knows about the Kings Game and this game also has a backstory.

The Suspense’s are very good and there are also a good amount of Twist and turns.

There is Strong Languages used in the Dialogues.

Kings game also got the public attention because of its brutality and killings and the psychological factors.

What to Expect ?

Honestly Speaking don’t Expect Much by just the review because you might get a different vibe while watching it.

king’s game anime worth watching or not ?

Definitely you should give it a try but as i said don’t expect too much from it as i also said earlier this anime also got some hate ill tell you why,because of the same reason,the people expected the ending in a different way and it came out differently.

i wont tell you the ending as its a spoiler free review but if you are bored or someone recommended it to you then you should definitely try it.

As there are only 12 Episodes,So hardcore anime lovers can finish it in a day or two.

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