Luffy Vs Kaido One Piece Episode 914

Luffy vs Kaido Episode 914

As we Saw in the Episode 913 that Kaido throws an attack on Luffy’s friends in a Druken Rage
where as luffy throws himself towards kaido with anger.

Episode 914 will be Luffy vs Kaido the fight we’ve all been waiting for which i think will be
one of the best episode where the animations will also be

But in the fight Kaido wont take any damage which is obvious and he will throw luffy in Udon Prison,
as shown in the Opening Song of the episodes.

and i hope this time they a full pledged fight of Luffy vs kaido,it shouldnt be like the Wholecake Island Arc.
where they didnt show even a 5 min fight between luffy or any one of the Starw Hat Pirates.
i Know they are not at the same level and luffy cant take Big Mom for now But in my Opinion they should have showed the defeat and retreat instead of just Running.

Although There is too much hype for Episode 914 Luffy Vs kaido and the Whole Wano arc which they made through all the other arcs
and i think Wano Arc is the most Important Arc of all.
the most interesting thing i wanna know is the ending although i dont want one piece to end
but sadly one piece is about to end in 5 years or so.

Link : One Piece Story Ends in 5 years Says Eiichiro Oda

What do you think about the Episode and what are your Assumptions or Expectations let us know in the comment Section !

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