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Masashi Kishimoto’s Samurai 8 canceled


The legendary author of the Naruto Franchise Masashi Kishimoto is struggling to get new mangas rolling. naruto was more than a manga it was a cultural phenomenon. The naruto wave swept the world, from Tokyo to London everyone was crazy about Masashi Kishimoto’s ninja world.

Masashi Kishimoto is regarded as one of the best mangakas Japan has seen in the last decades, And the naruto story was top-tier story telling.

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Masashi Kishimoto’s Samurai 8 canceled but why?

Unfortunately, even after this massive popularity of his previous manga, his new one failed to capture the attention of the masses. Samurai 8 was canceled just after 43 chapters due to low sales every month. The manga was a part of the weekly shonen jump magazine which is the home of the biggest anime titles.

Dr. Stone, Dragon ball, one-piece, demon slayer, haikyu, and many more. The magazine is really competitive and mangas that don’t sell well usually get thrown out sadly.

And it’s really hard to make the same amount of sales that these big shonen titles made

What’s next for Kishimoto?

The publishing of the manga started in My of 2019 and ended on March 23, 2020. The manga had only 5 volumes and followed the adventures of Hachimaru. A kid who strives to become a samurai. But he wasn’t able to until he met a samurai cat. The manga is a Sci-Fi Samurai story

The reviews were bad for the manga and many fans were disappointed from such bland storytelling.

But there’s another Kishimoto franchise that is still going strong and it is called Boruto. Masashi Kishimoto wasn’t working on that manga and hence it has been receiving criticism for a while now. But now the original author will be returning due to his failed venture!

Kishimoto has moved on and we got confirmation that he will be working on Boruto from now on. Which is good news for Boruto fans but really sad for Samurai 8 fans.

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Boruto is another brainchild of Kishimoto. It is a direct sequel to the Naruto story, and we can even see our favorite characters in their grown-up forms. But the show has aired more than 150 episodes of filler already. Some may say it’s following in the footsteps of his father.

The characters are really boring in Boruto, they look like fanfic character from Pinterest with no personalities whatsoever.

The manga is canon and still hasn’t managed to capture major attention. The manga is hinting at something big, but that wow moment hasn’t arrived yet.

We say boruto going toe to toe against Kawaki, in a destroyed Leaf village. Here Kawaki says that the age of shinobi is over. But that’s the only good scene in the anime. The whole show is just a slice of life anime showing naruto’s life.

Can Kisihimoto make it as epic as Naruto was?



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