Megalo Box Season 2 Announcement !!

Megalo Box Season 2 Announcement

This News was Announced in this year’s anime NYC, it was announced that the anime series Megalo Box Season 2 will be a Time-skip of seven years after the first season. 

Guyz mark my Words this season is Gonna be Very Epic !!!

A Trailer was Also Released For Season 2 If You Haven’t Scene the Trailer Yet then Go on YouTube and check out there !!! After Watching this Trailer You Can Say that Animation of Season 2 Is Gonna be very Top-tier !!!

No official launch date has been announced for Megalo Box season two yet but this has not stopped fans speculating about what this season could hold….. The series loosely follows the Ashita no Joe manga series and this gives fans some insight into what they can expect when season two airs. 

The 13 Episodes of first season, which aired on Japanese TV in the spring season of 2018, was created in the TMS Entertainment Studio So Guyzz this Time Also TMS is the only One who is Animating the Sequel !!!! So Dont Worry About Animation…

We Dont have Much Details Regarding Season 2 Like plot and which Date Its Gonna be Release but we will get the Synopsis of Season 2 In Future. We Only know the Story will Take place After seven Year for Season 2 and Not Much Details We Know..

Story Season 1

those who Havent watched the Megalo Box Season 1 yet, I Can tell you what this Series is All About, The Story tells About a A Protagnist Name Joe In the near future, somewhere in the Kantô region. The boxer Junk dog earns his living by manipulated competitions in the Megaloboxing…….

you can Say a Further development of boxing, in which Junk Dog tries to survive in the underground Arenas…Junk Dog is a young man who fights in underground illegal rings in fights that have a fixed result where his coach Gansaku Nanbu directs him on when to lose a fight…And there is Much more to Say But i dont Wanna Ruined Your Fun By Spoiling Everything !!!

So Guyzz Give this Series one Chance to watch you will never be Dissapoint I can Gurantee that !!! Megalo Box Is Hidden Gem in Sports Genre and Also Very Popular anime in Japan !!!!

So What Do You think Abt Megalo Box Season 2 are you Excited or Not !!!

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