New Top 5 most underrated Anime of all time

Hey guys this is Otaku arena here, And we will be giving you our top 5 most underrated Anime of all time suggestions who are looking for something new to watch because of quarantine or if you have started out watching anime lately.

Most underrated Anime of all Time

I’ll try to keep this blog spoiler-free so you guys can enjoy the show to the fullest. It is completely biased and based on my personal opinion so you don’t have to agree with all the recommendations. So without wasting time lets start with the following anime recommendation.

1.  Ajin

Well In this list of our most underrated anime of all time here is the First one Let’s start with Ajin, well the whole story is based on this one single concept or being which is called as “Ajin” so let’s understand what is ajin.  Ajin is a supernatural being who has the ability to not dying, they’re not totally human but demi-humans.

Ajin - Most underrated Anime of all Time

In starts in Africa wherein the opening scene is like a warzone, humans dropping dead but ajins can’t be killed and they’re called soldiers of God. I think it’s a very powerful way to open a show and yet distressing.

They get rarely spotted since they’re only discovered when they die. Then it is switched to a high school student ..a good guy with a slice of life Vibe like damn that took a turn.

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But not for long, One day on his way home Nagai Kei gets hit by a truck and dies and he, and the witnesses of his accident, discover his true identity. What happens when humanity discovers an Ajin you ask? The government hunts it down to use it for their own Moto.

Do not think of this anime as “guy with powers goes to high school” anime, it’s an anime that asks questions like “what does it mean to be human”

He, the protagonist in the series and the character i find most intresting, he has flaws, he’s not entirely good and not entirely evil. He is not perfect, like any human being, his character starts off by having trouble accepting his situation, but will his new powers and immortality go to his head?

But the villain of this series, is the most likeable and an entertaining antagonist. I get a Joker-ish vibe from him. I will Highly recommend this series and yeah “Don’t judge a book by its cover” don’t let it slide because of different art style. This is one hell of a bomb series.

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Next in my list is “KOKKOKU”
I found this anime because of its Anime opening which is one of the best out there and half of the reason why I watched it because of JoJo’s reference Zaaa waarudooo.

KOKKOKU Anime - Most underrated Anime of all Time
Source: Prime Videos

Seems like most people are pretty negative on it because of it’s slow-paced and IMO at least, is that it’s not a very “anime” anime. It really doesn’t follow the usual tropes, pacing, style, or over the top nature of what’s usually rises to the top of the seasonal anime list.

It’s slow-paced and methodical, but very well-written and builds on every moment piece by piece. It’s very different than what you usually get in this era.

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It starts with a struggling family in which the protagonist gets rejected in every job and wants to move out of the house and leave behind her family although that’s when a huge turn of event happen for the worse when 2 of her family member gets violently kidnapped by a mysterious organization and held for ransom.

With only 30 minutes to deliver five million yen to the criminals,  the grandfather of the protagonist reveals a dangerously powerful secret to her and her father. If you offer the blood to her grandfather’s mystical stone, they’ll all be able to enter the world named “Stasis,” a version of their world where time stops for everyone but the person who is using the stone.

But the rescue efforts go in vain when they see a surprising group of people who are somehow able to move around within Stasis. These are the only thing I can convey to you. This is a slow-paced anime but I’d definitely recommend it, it’s a solid 8/10. And it actually has an ending pretty satisfying one, which is a huge bonus.

3. Hai to Gensou to Grimgar

Third in the list of Most underrated anime of all time we have Hai to Gensou to Grimgar, If you like things like Isekai Fantasy and fight.

This one is pretty different and really goes towards realism. Like what happens when you start a game like life and how things can go wrong at anytime.

Source : Pinterest

This starts with a few teens wake up in a fantasy world, which kinda resembles a game-like world, they just know their names and nothing else from their previous world.

Now they have to become voluntary soldiers and have to serve the kingdom by taking quests forming parties and such. There is stuff like Goblins, Elves, wolves, rats, etc. Although it’s not like other fun Loving fantasy worlds like Konosuba, Reincarnated as slime, etc. 

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It’s really realistic! I mean you suddenly appear in an unknown place! What would you do? Most anime characters would be like ” It’s simple you just have to become strong and badass”.

This anime is different, we see how they grew by struggling hard to even against mere goblins which are considered to be really weak in isekai world. They are not so lucky and are poor They sometimes have to fight barehanded and have to go days without food.

It’s highly underrated but a great anime to give it a try. But it’s a slow-paced anime even though it has 12 episodes. The animation is wonderful! Not only the characters are drawn really good, but also the background is like someone painted it!.

4. Sora yori mo Tooi Basho

It’s very outstanding! They handled the concept of youth pretty well! I was completely stunned by the brilliance of this anime. Don’t judge it too quickly, as it may appear to be nothing extraordinary but is actually quite amazing! that’s why it’s on our top 5 most underrated anime of all time.

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho - Most underrated Anime of all Time

Imagine you are totally clueless like me about what to do with your life and pretty much feel that you completely wasting it just like we’re doing in this quarantine due to coronavirus.but you always wanted to do something that is really daring and adventures.

But one day, you discover a girl in your class, whose mother strangely disappeared in the icy cold regions of Antarctica and she is really eager to find her back. You suddenly and willingly decided to join her on that adventurous sounding journey.

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And our main character Tamaki Mari was exactly in this situation, who joins Shirase’s journey of finding her mother. 

As I assumed that it was just going to be one of those cute girls do cute things kind of anime as this theme is getting famous nowadays. Well, it is one of them but it is really so much more than just that, trust me! I didn’t think that it would be so purely amazing and for me, it’s easily one of the best ones out there.

Not one episode seemed plain or boring, each one was getting better than the before one. The storyline progressed so well that it got me hooked till the end. The art style of this anime, which is absolutely stunning and perfectly matches the storyline.

So if you are a fan of a really good storyline and likable characters that will have a good impact on you, then watch this.

5. Danganronpa

Well In this list of our most underrated anime of all time here is the last one Danganronpa. Danganronpa is a Killing Game. It has a book as well as a game, the game is pretty famous and the story in that is about 23 hours But then it was turned into an Anime broadcasted by Funimation. It is an amazing anime, in my opinion! It’s a very twisty story.

Danganronpa - Most Underrated Anime of all time

Like a roller coaster. Twisting and turning. Up and Down. The setting of this anime is one of the weird and strange ones. A school filled with despair where you have to butcher and kill your own classmates to graduate from the school.

This series revolves around in total of 15 high school students chosen to go to Hope peak academy. The whole school is about a detective, Fortune tellings and many other things.

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The setting of Danganronpa is very cruel and strange at the same time. A school filled with despair and agony, where you’ve to kill and butcher your own classmates just so you can graduate. Not going to lie, I thought this probably wasn’t going to be the greatest of shows but I was wrong.

I won’t get into detail about the story, but the words “15 high school students” and “13 episodes” should already start sounding alarms for you because the story was rushed compared to the game but it was good for only anime watchers.

It’s a Murder Mystery Anime, where high schoolers are pinned against each other. In order to win, you have to graduate. And in order to graduate, you have to kill another student. a version of the “Last man standing” plotline, which seems more cliché than it actually is.

I will give it a 9/10, I loved this series. I had a great time and an exciting time watching it. If it was slightly longer and didn’t try to implant the word “Despair” on me and yeah I’ll definitely recommend the game as well.


The above five most underrated anime of all time which I recommended are very underrated but the quality of the story is really great. You can watch all of those above series legally in many Platforms such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, Anime labs, Netflix, etc.

If you like my recommendation and want more of it in different genres, then stay tuned to this website as we the Otaku arena provides anime news and various other recommendations and things going on in Anime community so stay tuned.

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