My Hero Academia Season 5 Plot, Season length, and release date

My hero academia season 5 was confirmed right after the last episode of season 4. And the release date has also been announced. So lets speculate the arcs that the 5th season will be adapting into!

My hero academia season 4 was by far the longest MHA season. It had 27 episodes in total and covered several arcs ranging from the overhaul arc to the School festival arc. Many fans still think that the festival arc was a filler arc, but it is cannon. Anyways, judging by the length and arcs covered by the 4th and the previous seasons we can guess the season 5 length.

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My Hero Academia Season 5 Plot

My Hero Academia Season 5 will adapt various arcs from the manga. Until now i.e season 4, the anime has managed to cover over 66 chapters. So moving forward we’ll see many villain-centric arcs!

1st arc

The fourth season ended with Deku seeing all the previous one for all users. And Endeavour and hawk were fighting a nomu. The arc isn’t finished yet and that arc will continue in season 5 too.

2nd arc

The second arc will cover the joint studies arc. We can see a glimpse of this in the trailer where the students of UA high school are training.

3rd arc

If you remember clearly, there was a scene in which a man was shouting Meta human liberation in the anime.

4th arc

The last and final arc will definitely be the endeavor agency arc. This will be the best arc in the anime and will see much more action than the previous ones.

There is a pssibility of a fifth arc, but it isn’t confirmed. The fifth arc if adapted will tease for the 6th season as the arc cannnot be completed in 2-3 episodes.

My Hero Academia Season 5 confirmed Release date has been provided to us just recently and we’re more than excited to watch Deku and other beloved characters back in action in 2021!

My Hero Academia is a Shonen anime revolving around the lives of UA high school students. Who strive to become heroes. Izuku Midoriya the main character also known as Deku has been quickly rising to fame. And many regard My Hero Academia as one of the best shonen anime out there.

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My Hero Academia Season 5 confirmed Release date

My Hero Academia Season 5 was confirmed right after season 4 ended. Season 4 of My Hero Academia was well received by fans as well as critics of the show. The next season would be airing in 2021 but we just got a fixed release date.

My Hero Academia Season 5 will start airing on 27th March 2021. The news about the release date just came in, we also got a new key visual to accompany the news.

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My Hero Academia Season 5 Key Visual

My Hero Academia Season 5 just dropped a new key visual. It shows Various students of UA high school. The poster sets the tone for the season.


My hero academia is a shonen anime that revolves around the idea of heroes and villains. The concept may seem mediocre at first, but the execution is just phenomenal. The character designs of both the heroes and villains are crazy good. And the animation of the show is top tier and we can expect the same quality from season 5 as well.

Izuku Midoriya of Deku is an average high school kid in a world of quirks(superpowers). Sadly Deku doesn’t develop a quirk but he is motivated to become a hero. So one day when a villain attacks his friend, Deku without hesitation jumps in to save him. He almost gets killed by his stupidity.

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Just when Dku’s life flashed in front of his eyes, All Might Japan’s no 1 hero save him. After that, All Might takes him to a private place. All might is like a role model to Deku, he has always hoped of becoming like him too.

All might realising how motivated Deku actually is and decides to pass down his quirk to Deku. Now Deku has al might’s quirk and now he to can go toe to toe against top-tier heroes. The journey of Deku continues in season 5 as he tries to make the world a safer and better place!

My hero academia has already solidified itself as one of the best shonen anime out there and has the potential to rival heavy hitters like dragon ball z and Naruto. The fandom is obsessed with the show and you can’t go to any comic con without seeing my hero academia cosplay.

The show is a cultural phenomenon and we hope season 5 will be greater then ever!

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