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My Hero Academia Stars Cover Anime Theme Song for Charity


My Hero Academia may have wrapped its fourth season. The franchise isn’t showing any signs of slowing down any time soon. Members of the cast and the computer game industry took the chance to perform. They performed one in all its most recognizable themes to boost money for the charity of UNICEF!
“You Say Run” is a tremendous song within the library of tunes. It helped propel the My Hero Academia anime to new heights of recognition. Usually being played during moments of the most important feats of heroism performed by the likes of Midoriya, All Might, and the students of UA Academy!

My Hero Academia 4th Season

In the fourth season of the series, there have been lots of opportunities for fans to witness a number of the best acts of heroism. Both Deku and his Class 1-A classmates were ready to perform. As they were pitted against the likes of Overhaul and his dangerous gang of Yakuza. Likewise because of the minor threat referred to as Gentle Criminal and his partner La Brava. Also featuring the instant when Endeavor, this favored hero that replaced the retired All Might. Season four was ready to feature a variety of recent highlights. It will feature for a series that prides itself on serious action and excitement.

The Social

Twitter User MasonLieberman shared this nearly ten-minute-long video. It features a variety of various characters. Giving fans a canopy of the My Hero Academia theme of “You Say Run” for charity. Doing their best to recreate the heroic ambiance of the popular anime franchise:

The manga is currently following the scholars of class 1-A, and also the professional heroes. They are trying to keep the globe safe. Battling against the most important threat that they’ve ever faced during the Paranormal Liberation War. With a brand new army falling behind the leadership of an insanely powerful Shigaraki. Deku and his friends are certainly visiting must pull out a variety of moments that may quite likely warrant the success of the “You Say Run” theme song whenever it’s translated to the anime eventually.

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