No Game, No Life Import Banned in Australia Following Controversy

It seems the talk over some certain manga titles in Australia is raging on. Over the past year, fans have kept a watch on the country. As several of its politicians have raised questions on the content of several controversial light novels or manga. Now, a brand new report says the Australian Classification Board has put a selected ban. This ban includes the No Game, No Life novels to the surprise of readers.

The news comes from Anime News Network within the wake of the board’s decision. The national organization has made it illegal. It is illegal to import or sell volumes one, two, and nine of No Game, No Life.

What does the law state?

You can read the total clause here:

“The publication is classed RC in accordance with the National Classification Code, Publications Table, 1.
(b) as publications that describe or depict in a very way that’s likely to cause offense to an affordable adult, someone who is, or appears to be, a baby under 18 (whether the person is engaged in gender or not).”

With this decision in situ, the board refuses to classify the banned volumes. So that they can’t be distributed within the country. Of course, this decision has raised some eyebrows from fans. The subject of censorship has been a touchy one within the fandom for a few times. This decision has only exacerbated the controversy. As Australia still imports the anime and films supported partially banned novels.

Possible reexamination on the cards

Australia’s decision to return down on No Game, No Life came after several politicians necessitated the classification board to reexamine manga and lightweight novels. The primary was Stirling Griff of the Centre Alliance political party; The politician asked the board to try to do a second examination. The evaluation of titles like Sword Art Online as they appear to use minors. Connie Bonaros managed to rid one Kinokuniya store of the controversial series listed by Griff.

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