One Piece Episode 930 Release date Announced Officially [Its coming back]

One Piece Episode 930 was delayed But now official news has arrived that One Piece is going to start airing episodes soon and also the Release date has been announced too.

It’s been 4 months since Corona-Chan went full on Yandere and snapped into her rampage that is consuming the world. Her rampage has affected many, from working class people to gamers to now the world of Anime.

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Now, as Otakus, it is our responsibility to stay in our homes and watch us some good anime until the heat dies down. We’ll beat Corona-Chan, because we have the power of God and Anime on our side! Maybe we’ll take the time to find some potential weebs and suggest them some good anime.

For those Otakus who are planning to watch Nakama’s bath scene in the 930th Episode of One Piece, I got some bad news for you…

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One Piece Episode 930 Release date

Apparently, the guys at Toei announced that the 930th episode of One Piece, which was supposed to air on 26th April, will be delayed and instead, they will be re-running the Wano arc, which is the 892nd Episode, until Corona-Chan gets her stuff together. For all those Nakama fans who wanted the bath scene, you guys (maybe gals, I dunno), Nah guys… you gotta wait until Corona-Chan cools down.

It is was uncertain when they’ll start airing the Wano-arc again, but now the time has come and The release date is officially announced which is 28th of June 2020. But my personal speculation here was that they will repeat the earlier arcs until Corona-Chan… I’ve used this too much. I was sure that Episode 930 will surely release somewhere in August-September because let’s be honest, they did a good job here, there is no guarantee that Corona-Chan will spare us that easy.

First Bleach and now One Piece, the delaying of Anime episodes has taken quite the toll on us. But isn’t it the best time to release Anime. With people being locked in their homes, even the busiest of the people will find some time out of their lives to watch some Anime they had on their watch list way long ago. Maybe let us know in the comments what series you want to watch during the lock down.

For those who don’t know what One Piece is (I don’t think anyone doesn’t know about It.), One Piece was originally a manga series on the legendary Shounen Jump by our boi Eiichiro Oda, who is known for… well… One Piece. Released originally in July 22, 1997, One Piece is one of the highest grossing manga series of all time, getting an Anime adaptation in the year 1999. Since then, the series is still ongoing and I guess Oda will keep giving us this holy grail of Shounen Manga and Anime until either he dies or the world goes to shit in 2020.

It’s a really good Manga and Anime that I would suggest to anyone who is trying to get into Otaku culture.

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