One Piece Manga Reveals, Who is the traitor among the 9 scabbards.

One Piece Manga Chapter 974 has finally revealed the Traitor lets see what all happened.

But before this contains spoilers. Those who are on anime I suggest please don’t go ahead. If spoilers don’t affect you then you can proceed.

So Now in the One Piece Manga, we’ve been hearing about this traitor thing from Zou arc. Till now we didn’t actually know who was the traitor. Oda manipulated us and made us suspect each and every scabbard.

But slowly and steadily he lifted all the mask and revealed to us who the real traitor is. And guess what? It’s one and only Kanjuro. Oda have been giving us hint about him being the traitor from the very point he was introduced.

Kanjuro is the traitor?

I’m baffled some theories around ‘Kanjuro is the traitor’ were pretty elaborate and convincing.

Kanjuro the Traitor

For example, the weird, flying birds in the air when the time-traveling Scabbards reached the present; the fact that he was imprisoned by Doflamingo, but not sent to Kaido, the fact that Jack learned about two things How to reach Zou and Raizou was there.

We suspected that it might be one of the mink who leaked the info but 3 people knew about Raizou was in Zou i.e Kanjuro, Momo and Kinemon and last but not the least the fact that he is based on a historic artist who was a traitor so all of these hinted us towards him being the traitor.

one piece manga revealed the traitor

The fact that made me think he was the traitor when they were ready to attack was when Orochi found out the scabbard had 4,000 allies and when no one turned up Kanjuro said “Where are our 4,000 allies?”

When they actually had 4,200 and that made me suspect. Oda is brilliant with hiding clues which are most probably ignored.

manga chapter 974 updates


Finally, we do now understand why Orochi was panicked after Kin and others jump to the future and he had lost his only informer and thus had no news of any of the scabbards for 20 years leading it to him living in the fear.

Then he suddenly became very confident about the scabbards return once Kanjuro had restart to draw little birds to convey information.

But why did he himself revealed that he’s the traitor, why now? I guess it’s because he thought they all are going to die because Orochi destroyed everything as he knew everything about the plan and it was his last mission that was to capture Momonosuke but I’m sure Denjiro (Kyoshiro) will save most of the people out of 4200 as he definitely would have known about Orochi’s plan and he was hiding for this very moment to internally destroy Orochi.

Kanjuro didn’t know about Denjiro whether he was alive or dead and neither about an alliance to appear outta nowhere. Guess what? He made a huge mistake.

One Piece manga chapter 974

Regarding Wano Arc

The Wano arc is full of traitors/spies and betrayals. 1st there’s Kanjuro betraying the Scabbards and Alliance then there’s Denjiro betraying Orochi and Kaido (pretending to be Kyoshiro), then there’s X Drake betraying Kaido while working for Marines SWORD and he might have released Law from the prison as well, then there’s Apoo betraying Kidd and alliance to work with Kaido, and possibly, there might be a Blackbeard spy hiding somewhere too that’s the reason why Teach knew about Luffy and Kidd were there in Wano.

Orochi or Kanjuro or nobody from the enemy knows that Denjiro is Kyoshiro. One big trump card. That’s why the raid looks like a failure but it worked out though, the enemy thinks they’ve won.

That’s why even Kanjuro revealed himself. But from the looks of it, the straw hat alliance got a backup plan, to the backup plan, To back up their back up plan.

I feel sorry for scabbards that they went through so much hellish thing to get betrayed by one of the close ones. But I have a feeling this will be like a pirate and WG (sword) alliance just like god valley thing which was Gold D Roger and Garp (WG) Vs Rock pirate.

Now the One Piece manga is going on another level.

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