Saitama Vs Fubuki :One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 2

Season 2 featured the fight Saitama vs Fubuki in the Second Episode

The self-proclaimed human monster, Garou causes a ruckus at the hero-criminal meeting convened by the Lawmaker of Justice and massacres everybody present in the hall at breakneck speed.

Terrified, the minister dials up the Hero Association for extra backup and help. Garo challenges the authorities and says that he’ll return in six months, stronger than ever.

He also mentions that Saitama is currently holds the 7th position in the B-Class. 

Genos deems Sonic unworthy of challenging Saitama and demands that he defeat him first in order to get to his master. 

here is the fight video of Saitama vs fubuki

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