After a not so perfect execution of season 2 by Studio JC Staff, the fandom was hooping that for One Punch Man season 3 to roll back again to Madhouse. But rather it was more disappointing. Stick with the article to know the One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date.

One Punch man is based on a Parody webcomic with was illustrated by Yusuke Marata into a Manga. Its a story about Saitama, a man who wants to be a hero. The series was stared bake on October 4, 2015. But it took around 4 years for season 2. One Punch Man season 2 was started airing on April 9, 2019.



As the first season aired Anime fandom was going crazy, heck even people who were not into anime had seen this anime at least one. Saitama was a stand-alone brand. It was mainly due to a master execution of Season 1 by the one and only Legendary Studio Mad House under the perfect direction of Shingo Natsumebut as they say, “Golden days are for temporary, Only experience is permanent”.Madhouse dropped the project and then it was handed over to the JC Staff, the studio behind Food Wars! and A Certain Magical Index.

After the First trailer of Season 2, there was mixed reaction some proclaimed its not MAD-House but its not bad either and some expertly say “IT WAS TERRIBLE“. And I kinda agree yet boldly disagree with them. Apart from its Hellish Animation everything rest was pretty fine, From the Following Step to Step as Manga to the Some Amazing Soundtrack. But there was that, we say “Punch” a Punch of Madhouse that was missing.


The Second Season was dedicated to Garou. Now Fandom is at a cliffhanger will Garou take the monster pills or not. But if he takes it would be worth watching, cause finally there would be one who can at least stand against Saitama.

The leader of the monster association Orochi also seems to be a worthy character but for some reason, there’s no vibe in him that he could face Saitama.

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date

It is expected that One Punch Man 3 will release on the 22 September 2020.

The Season Two was ended airing on Mid-2019. But the OVA is still airing in parts so and they were supposed to be all aired till Fall 2020 but due to the pandemic COVID-19, The OVA’s also got a bit delayed. And also there is a Live Action Movie Coming Next Year of OPM.

Note: Official dates yet to be released

One Punch Man Season 3 STUDIO

One Punch Man Season 2

As fandom again eagerly waiting for Season three. There is a fear it could take another 3-4 years. As in the case of Season 2.And more troublesome would be will JC Staff gonna animate or the project gonna roll back to MAD-House.

There are Strong rumors that JC Staff will continue animating One Punch Man Season 3 despite the falling reputation.


As the monster association is rampaging with a new monster, so there will be a new and powerful monster in the next season. But the core cast will be the same with hope for Natsume to join the crew again.


Almost the One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date was confirmed and this COVID appears out nowhere. So we notify if there would be any change in Release Date as well as any new spoilers or trailer.

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