One Punch man season 3 won’t happen till early 2022! (February 2021)

One-Punch Man season 3 is one of the most anticipated anime. Since the end of the season, 2 fans are dying to see Saitama back on screen. Many of the fans in the community know about the reason why One-Punch man isn’t coming out every year with a new season.

It is a pretty popular show and has fans all over the world. It only financially makes sense to make newer seasons every year. But what makes One Punch Man an interesting show is its story, the manga is really great, and that’s why the adaptation is great.

Before telling you about the release date let’s talk about some things first related to One Punch man which clears all your doubts.

Will there be a One Punch man season 3?

We discussed earlier the possibility of one punch man returning is really high. The show is immensely popular and the merchandise and blu-ray sales are through the roofs!

In fact, One Punch man is so popular it had recently collaborated with the popular mobile game Free Fire in which clothing from the show was available, so there’s no doubt fans want more of Saitama. So there will be a season three the only question is when?

Studio situation

Many fans complained over the second season’s animation quality. It had deteriorated from season 1. This was because of a studio change, Mad House was responsible for animating season 1 of the anime. And three years after season 1 we got to season 2 with a different studio animating it. The studio in question was JC staff.

The only reason why season 1 and season 2 had a massive gap of three years was because of the studio change and also the lack of source material. If you read the manga, (which I’m sure you don’t that’s why you’re here) you’ll what I’m talking about.

The reason why so many fans like One Punch man is because of its well-paced and good story. There isn’t any discontinuity in the shows, because the production makes sure that the season starts at a good point in the story and ends with a big bang.

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No season 3 till 2021?

As we discussed earlier, one of the reasons why season 2 was delayed because of the lack of source material. And that is the case with season 3, there isn’t any relevant source material available yet. Sure the manga has gone way ahead of the anime, but there isn’t a suitable place to end the arc once it starts in the anime.

By that I mean, the current arc which is still ongoing hasn’t ended and there is no closure to the arc available yet. It only makes sense to wait till the arc ends and then animate the whole arc and make it into a season.

Sure the studio can just cut corners and end the season on a disappointing note, but that’s totally against what 1p man has done till now, they won’t risk their fan base for some more money. The loyal the fans the more they can keep creating sales through merchandise and blu-ray

So once the arc ends we might get some news of the anime, seeing how the arc is moving, it might end this year. And if the arc ends this year we will definitely get season 3 next year. That’s in 2022, so we will have to wait till then, there’s no other way around. Or just read the manga

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We already discussed why 1-p man will return and why it hasn’t yet, so let’s wait and watch how the situation pans out. Also, take everything I said with a grain of salt, I’m no industry insider or astrologist who can guarantee a release date or window. This article is totally speculation from my end with facts.

Till then you can keep yourself busy other seasonal anime, like Attack on Titan which doing great.!

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