Pokemon announces 3 new games including 2 new Sinnoh games!

The 25th anniversary of the Pokemon games was surely going to be over the top and crazy. And it turned out just like that. The pokemon company not only announced 1 not 2 but 3 games! Including 2 Sinnoh Games, one of which is a remake and one a totally new game.

The pokemon remakes were rumored for such a long time now and fans have been speculating ever since the sword and shield games were released. It only seemed logical, following the track record of the Pokemon games. Every new generation an older title gets a remake. And this time we got that with an added bonus!

Pokemon announces 3 new games including 2 new Sinnoh games

Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus is a new game in the Pokemon universe. No, it is not a remake, nor a next-gen game. The game is set in medieval Sinnoh with an open-world setting. Yes, you heard that right, Pokemon Legends Arceus is an open-world. The trailer showed off just how great the game looks

The maps and characters look in touch with the latest graphic trends. The last Pokemon game wasn’t bad graphically but it was nothing special too. The sword and shield games were disappointing to say the least and we hope this game delivers on what it is promising

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shiny Pearl

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shiny Pearl might seem cringy names at first but we have to remember this is a Japanese game, not an English one. The stupid names aside, the game’s trailer seems really good. Many fans were shocked after seeing the art style unchanged.

The art style hasn’t been changed, but just upgraded. It is a faithful remake and we hope it doesn’t deviate too much from the original source. The game will follow the stories of the Sinnoh games, possibly adding a little bit more to the lore. The Sinnoh games are one of the best ones in the game series and we hope they deliver.

The company making this game is not Gamefreak but some others. The Pokemon Company finally decided to invest their resources more sensibly and let others do the work. Meanwhile, the main devs at game freak can cook up good games for the next generation!

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Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap is another pokemon game announced at the live event. The game’s titles give the purpose of the game away. You venture into a new region known as Lental and study pokemon in their natural habitats. Then you take images of these pokemon’s and show them to the professor.

The rarer moment you capture the better your score. The concept seems fresh and the Pokemon company has all the money in the world to make it a crazy good game.

All these games being announced mean only one thing, whenever these games come out the average Pokefan will be occupied for at least 5-6 months in these games!

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